Hopeless Fools or Ugly Bloggers?

I add my thoughts to a few blogs, I do not really have the time for them all but when you start it is hard to give up and turn your back on them.   I simply point out my view of how very wrong some of the comments or themes are and since they put so much effort in posting these errors, they do not give in without a fight.  It is rather like duelling then anything else and I do not give in easily, or at all.

What I noticed, and as this is my first subject theme, is that some of them will debate or argue once or twice but when you point out the obvious error – with facts, examples or basic logic – they simply make an outrageous reply, often accusing and even including foul language, then they block your rebuttals.  A clever but rather juvenile way of trying to look good – obviously to themselves alone.

Some blogs are fair in discussion and I accept that in the end no matter how much facts, logic or other evidentiary points you give – they will disagree because of the environment they are in or that they simply “want to believe” the rubbish they have been fed.  

In some areas, it is just opinion if it is radical or not, or if being radical over a subject is justified or not.  I give credit to those that stick to their guns with logical-driven responses, we may not agree in those areas but they are trying to “think about it” and that is good.  I am on two such blogs and I will discuss some of our debates.

Recently I was “link jumping” these so-called anti-jihadist blogs and came across a silly blog with the rather hypocritical name “The Astute Blogger“.  The name is actually in All-CAPS and so are many replies and comments – so much for basic blogging and internet standards……    The blog is owned is an Israeli-American (not that it makes a difference to me) with views that are basically odd, confused and contradictory.  What I quickly found out is that the blogger does not read comments at all but reads the first line only, assumes incorrectly what is said and then goes on some tirade that is half subject oriented (and not necessarily the topic) and half verbal abuse, swearing and accusing the commenter who disagreed, such as myself.   Make a comment that is not supportive of Israel and then the foul language increases to a point of sheer childishness and of course your accused of being anti-Semite.   From this we can come down to the conclusion that the blog-owner is a bigoted idiot with no self-respect at all and has been covered in flour and dipped in a large vat of oily zionist propoganda.   I guess the biggest example of his contradictions is that it has a banner for “I support Israel “(no problem in that, to a degree I do as well) and under it is a banner showing a picture of that young Iranian lady Neda that was brutally killed in the recent rallies in Tehran, Iran.  Somehow, as a basic average young hijab-wearing Iranian, she would more than likely be anti-Israel or at best with similar views of my own and most certainly would have been called many ugly and horrible vulgar names by the blog-owner if she had responded to his rubbish.  Now her picture is there on his blog as if in a place of honor – for what logical reason is beyond common sense.    I lasted two rounds with the blog owner on some basic subjects and now my responses never turn up, his ugliness is there to read hung-up-dry without pointing out his comments were simply insane.

The so-called Astute Blogger is the first of what we can class as hypocritical-come-insane-radical.

About donny2811
Trots Nederlands, goed gereist en een begerige politieke centrist met een speciale afkeer voor basissen.

One Response to Hopeless Fools or Ugly Bloggers?

  1. eslaporte says:

    You have discovered what the face of the American right-wing, Tea Party, and their “Internet manners” are really all about…they are also highly supportive of Geert Wilders, who would surly turn the Netherlands into a rogue nation.

    Insane? Yes – especally the belief in the Islamification myth. They ignore the overwhelming evidence that there is NO Islamification of anything going on in Europe or elsewhere – and fall back to their old standard of name-calling and personal attack. It is best to not waste time with such riff-raff and it is best to not give them a platform.

    You should see what they have tried to post to my blog! I won’t allow such incivility on my blog. It’s not about having a debate, its about the sheer infantile and name calling manners of this ilk, best reserved for drunken football hooliganism.

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