Another Hate Agenda blog – Sultan Knish

Another blog I stumbled across and linked to Zionist-extremism (this is not a pattern but just following those I come across in a first-come-first-served order) is the unabashed far-right pro-settler hate-Obama blog called Sultan Knish.

Daniel Greenfield attempted to push his propoganda and hate through revisionist history in his blog and when I pointed out that his statements were neither accepted by academics nor  his sources anything other than agenda-based “authors”, rather than defending them he simply deleted my posts and blocked further comments from me.   We can assume easily from this and about Greenfield personally that the last thing he is interested in showing his readers any “truth” or self-respect.

Those of you who know anything about me will certainly know I am not a leftist but of the centre-right and have even represented conservative politics in local elections and on a city council.  Additionally you will know I despise anyone from any side of politics, including my own, who tries to fabricate facts and ideals of the other as some form of political point scoring.  That is in part why I quit local politics in my city because the leadership of my party was doing just that.    Greenfield’s latest postings currently uses his imagination and language skills to pathetically imply that liberalism (and thus the liberal US Democratic Party) by its very nature automatically denies the inalienable right to “freedom” and worse.   

Liberalism insists that freedom is a shameful thing. A rebellion against their idea of the public good. Their War on Freedom is in truth a war on the individual. And it is one that we must win, if freedom is to prevail.

We can assume here from his good language skills that Greenfield actually does know what the definition of liberalism actually is and thus has no excuses to why he made up such rubbish except for an ongoing agenda.

His blog is full of automated anti-muslim, anti-Arab and anti-anything that gets in the way of a far-right expanded Zion/Israel and as explained above is willing to “change history” to accomplish it.  Kahane, the assassinated founder of the “proscribed terrorist group ” (by no other than the FBI) the Jewish Defence League (JDL) would certainly have been proud of Greenfield.

Because I love history and how it hides nothing an exposes everything was so badly abused by Daniel Greenfield in his Sultan Kish blog, I have to rate him and his blog as “scum-radical”.   We can add that his constant attempts to make himself appear patriotic American – images of the enemy burning the US flag appears more than once – smacks of hypocrism as well – we know that the radical-right in Israel would screw the US at an instant whilst in the same breath demanding blind support and automatic vetos from that very nation.

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Trots Nederlands, goed gereist en een begerige politieke centrist met een speciale afkeer voor basissen.

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