Context Abuse – The Swiss MP’s Conversion to Islam Example

Today I read a very interesting article by Jason Hamza van Boom called “A Swiss Politician’s Conversion: Facts vs Myth”.   Jason van Boom is a contributer to blogs and magazines including OpEdNews and IllumeMagazine and specializes in commentary on region.

I recommend this item, not only as a good journalistic piece and with full credits to Mr van Boom but for me it is very relevant how an event is distorted all-sides to score points.  In summary, and in no way a good brief to the complexities of the issue, Daniel Streich, the sitting MP for the Swiss People’s Party that had orchestrated the ban on mosque minarets in Switzerland surprized everyone by announcing that he converted to Islam and had done so a while back.  From that point on the exaggerations, both for and against him began and the loser was reality, honesty and morality.  In many ways the subject is not Islam or the far-right radicalism but how context was abused to support agendas – which is my own personal brief.

I encourage everyone to read the item in full and I give OpEdNews full acknowledgement and appreciation, I have quoted the following from near the end of the item which I think summarizes the entire article perfectly:

Peeling away the distortions, what remains are three significant facts. First, although anti-Muslim sentiments are strongest on the political Right, conservatives can become opponents of Islamophobia. Second, Western converts to Islam seem come from all parts of the political spectrum, not just from the Left. Third, a politician took the bold move of leaving his political party, and putting much of his political and social support at risk, for the sake of his conscience.

The notion that a conservative Christian politician could become a Muslim and denounce anti-Muslim campaigns naturally causes irritation for Islamophobes. For example, a forum on the anti-Muslim site has begun discussing the story. Some of the commentators are dismissing it, since the idea that he was a crusader against minarets isn’t consistent with his converting to Islam two years ago.

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2 Responses to Context Abuse – The Swiss MP’s Conversion to Islam Example

  1. eslaporte says:

    Another really good article. We should also note that after the announcement of his conversion, the Swiss People’s Party became concerned with Streich “as a threat to national security.” Streich is an instructor in the Swiss Army, and these “concerns” were related to the Fort Hood shooter. Outrageous!

    The Fort Hood shooter was a full-blown Islamist radical that was in contact with other radicals and putting out signs that he himself was a radical!

    Also – you may link anything you like from my blog, even copy and paste.

    • donny2811 says:

      Thanks for your comment – I appreciate the OK to link and use your items. Like the above item, be sure I will do so with aknowledgement and respect.

      Thanks for the tip, I was not aware of the “national security threat” element, just another example that they have crossed their limit.

      I have many years of observing radicalism – I was sitting on my city Council for the VVD (Rotterdam) and the far-right at that time began hijacking us in conservative politics (later breaking into the Wilders phenomenum). What I learned and I think is proven is that when radicalism grows that it has to do three things.

      1) To follow that radical agenda it has to lie and then push it.
      2) To push that lie it must do so mostly by abusing context – to try and look like what it is saying is purely on facts.
      3) It must assume that the people or the target audience are stupid – that they will follow that lie and that the audience “must believe” the agenda as it is “good for them”. That is why many radicals “impose” their views or authority.

      Wilders is the best example of that:
      He says that Islam is “evil” and attacking Europe – the lie.
      He had to create the context-void Fitna film to “prove” his lie.
      He simply assumes that the people support and believe his view and are not capable of making their own judgements, thus he assumes the people are stupid.

      We have had the recent event, which is rather like the Swiss thing that the Labour party leader in Holland (Cohen) considered Wilders to be dangerous to our country’s reputation. Thus Wilders chose to make a Fitna-like TV commercial showing Cohen and Labour and in the background images of a destroyed Holland. No shame or self respect at all.

      Cheers, feel free to critique or comment anytime, I know my English is not that great and I am still new at blogging but if you wish ever to refer, link or more, you are welcome. Hints on being a good blog owner is always welcomed with open arms!


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