Wilders-PVV Update: Conflict in the Ranks?

Last night, Hero Brinkman who is a far-right PVV member in the Dutch Parliament, said to Dutch television’s Pauw & Witteman (VARA) that he wanted everyone to specifically vote for him – as a method to force democracy into the PVV party.

This is the first significant and public split of a sitting and known PVV member with the owner and “Leader” of the Dutch Freedom Party.

For those unaware, antiquated Dutch laws allow for the creation of a political party by lodging a certain amount of signatures.  However, there are very little legislative controls over how a party is formed or run making The Netherlands unique (and I think somewhat embarrased) in comparison in the rest of the world.   Membership is more of a club-subscription for the PVV and the rank and file get neither a say in policies, the leadership team nor with getting to become a candidate in elections.   Mr Hero Brinkman is one of the names (other than Wilders) that the Dutch may actually know, is sitting 11th on the list of PVV candidates with the rest being “chosen” by Wilders mostly from outside.  He was 13th but two had to drop-out on very questionable moral grounds.

Wilders today responded by telling the ANP that he “has no problem with the idea of making his anti-Islam party more democratic but it should not happen too quickly”.

For someone who’s party refers to freedoms, condemns non-Democratic nations constantly and all this with a straight face, he has again admitted to his dictatorship of his party and continues to tell the membership what to do and think.  This is still disturbing though no-longer a suprise.

I have written about the narcism that all radical leaders show and that one of the aspects that is a commonality within all radicalism is the assumption that the target audience for their rhetoric is simply stupid.

Wilders is clearly showing that he considers the rank and file of the PVV to be nothing less than stupid and that only he must tell them “what they are and what they should be”.  His inherited revanchanism is increasingly dominating his politics.

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4 Responses to Wilders-PVV Update: Conflict in the Ranks?

  1. eslaporte says:

    He must have some list for this party. I know that the trouble-makers he sent to the European Parliament were called on the phone after the elections.

    Well this shows his appreciation for democracy! I wonder if he has in mind foreigners as party members , like from Israel, or connected to Israel. Something like this happened in Georgia.

    Also – did you know about shop owners being threatened by PVVers in Almere? National Democratic party? Never heard of it…a skinhead party?

    I might be reading this wrong

    • donny2811 says:

      Yes there is a Wilders candidature list, so far five changes have been made, two spectacular drop outs – the Likud gun-carrying representative and the lady who said she had a doctorate and did not.

      Democracy never was a factor and he willingly said to the journalists (and to the faces of his followers) that they were not ready or mature enough for a democracy!

      As for Israelis, I have friends in Israel, obviously not the same group that Wilders hangs around with, but then I wonder if a friend of muslims would be allowed in the pro-settler self-proclaimed Zionist working centres. If any of his friends are Dutch-dual nationals then why not put them on his list, i am sure he would consider it and then breach his own ‘no dual-national” rule.

      I heard about the NDP thugs, they are neo-nazis and Wilders has time and time again said that he has nothing to do with them nor does he wish to be associated, yet they go around doing horrible things “on his behalf”!

      It has yet to be proven but every closet-fascist, anti-democratic political leader on this planet has had some secret thug group to do the necessary dirty work …. it comes with the terrain.


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