Snippits from a Racist: Gordon Lee Baum

Gordon Baum is the head of the  Council of Conservative Citizens, the successor organization to the  White Citizens Council.  The prominent and internationally respected Southern Poverty Law Center refers to Baum as one of the leading white supremacists in the Unites States today and reading his words you can understand how blatant but clever he is.  He knows how to tread but not cross the line because he is a lawyer.  

A personal injury lawyer specializing in auto accidents and workmen’s compensation claims Baum helped form the Council of Conservative Citizens (CCC) in 1985 based on the mailing lists of the segregationist White Citizens Councils (formally called the Citizens Councils of America) for whom he had been an active organizer.

Ideology:  White Nationalist

Groups: Council of Conservative Citizens 
Gordon Baum is the co-founder and CEO of the Council of Conservative Citizens (CCC), a virulently racist group whose website has referred to blacks as “a retrograde species of humanity” and which once characterized non-white immigration as turning the U.S. population into a “slimy brown mass of glop.”   (Southern Poverty Law Center)

Below are some direct quotes from Baum that were gathered by film makers Rick Rowley and Jacquie Soohen in their White Power USA documentary.

GORDON BAUM: What’s a racist? You know, I’m not sure what the term means, even. That you’re proud of what you are? Well, everybody, I guess, is a racist of some sort.

GORDON BAUM: Our nose is being rubbed into the fact that Obama’s black, and we better all recognize the fact that he’s a black man and he’s our president. And Mr. White American, you’re going to have your nose rubbed in it. We can do what we want, and we’re going to give ourself all kind of goodies.

The last year has been probably our most dramatic in growth, because people are really upset with the direction this country has taken. And we’re getting lots of young people, a lot of veterans coming back from Iraq and Afghanistan, that want something done before it’s too late.

GORDON BAUM:  African Americans don’t come to the tea parties because black culture is less democratic than white culture.  They bring—invite black speakers to it, in hopes of attracting blacks and Hispanics. And for some reason, they just turn their back on it, and they’re not interested.   It’s a chief mentality. If Obama is the boss, that’s it.

More Quotes from Baum

“Why can’t European-Americans be concerned with this genocide [of white people]? Is it racial to say that?”
– Gordon Lee Braum to Associated, 1998

Front row: Derek Turner, Jared Taylor, Sam Dickson. Back row: Phil Rushton, Andrew Fraser, Dan Roodt, Nick Griffn, Gordon Baum.

Nick Griffin – Head of the British Nationalist Party

Dan Roodt – South African white supremicist, Afrikaaner activist and contributor to American Renaissance.

Phil Rushston – aka Dr J. Phillipe Rushton, notorious “race scientist”.

Sam Dickson – former KKK lawyer, holocaust denier and neo-Nazi.

Jared Taylor – White Nationalist and founder of the New Century Foundation and edits its American Renaissance magazine.

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Trots Nederlands, goed gereist en een begerige politieke centrist met een speciale afkeer voor basissen.

4 Responses to Snippits from a Racist: Gordon Lee Baum

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  2. eslaporte says:

    LOL – what genocide of white people?

    Is this another fake, non-existent “problem” like the Islamification “problem?”

  3. God Bless Gordon Baum

    He is someone who straight forwardly takes a stand against anti-white bias and racism that is prevalent around the world, including in America, where a racist “Affirmative action and Quota system” dominate.

    Those who hate the virtues he stands for probably also support the racist genocide in South Africa and Zimbabwe against whites.

    • donny2811 says:

      Interesting comments there octoberfreedom, including the “God Bless”. Personally I do not remember any commandments under God’s name that supports the superiority of one race over another. Your own blog also calls Eugene Terre’Blanche a hero. Again, I see nothing heroic in a violent white-supremicist who considers himself racially better than a black man and wants to reinstall apartheid.

      I would never try and confuse context to support radical goals and supporting ugly supremicists like Gordon Baum and Eugene Terre’Blanche. I do think there are issues about the corruption and governance of South Africa and we all know the equally ugly radicalism in Zimbabwe under the dictator Mugabe – but going back to just as ugly a period as under a race-based pro-white system simply never should happen again and I condemn anyone supporting it without reservation.

      Not being American, I do not know anything about nor will I make a comment about an “Affirmative action and Quota system” and if it is racist or not, but having said that – if it comes from the likes of Gordon Baum then it should be viewed with skepticism and suspicion and at best it is an issue that has again had the context beaten the crap out of it for an alternative agenda.


      p.s. attempting to put “your with us or your against us” by assuming that not supporting the ugliness of Baum means you support another ugliness in Mugabe never sticks, it is amongst the oldest political game in the book and says more about the one trying it then the target subject they have tried to score against.

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