The Battle for Britain: Another Pawn to Far Right Radicals

I have been making regular comments on the wannabe far-right blog called “The Battle for Britain”.  The blog owners Jan and London Jim (Jim is a keen commentor on Spencer’s Jihad-Watch).  I like them because they allow my posts and not simply block or abuse or attempt to twist words.

Could this be the inspiration for the blog?

They have strong support for the BNP offshoot the English Defence League (EDL), constantly quote items from other bigoted sources such Jihad-Watch, Gellar’s Atlasshrugs and so on, and of course the EDL itself.  Nothing new in the posts but I get the feeling that Jan is a bit lost in her real motives whilst Jim rather thinks a great deal of himself.  Neither are ever able to justify the items they post but give half-hearted – I am sure it is true – answers.

I would normally not raise the blog at all and it probably will have finished my postings there but I am tired of the constant rubbish and its illogic.  Today there was an item on the EDL having its website pulled down because it called the Muslim’s koran ugly and evil.  The logic from Jan was that – they are right and the price for being right is being pulled down.

I have written a response and so far it will not except my post.  That coul be a technical glitch or they could see this coming and pre-emptively have blocked my posts. I do not know and frankly do not really care.  I have no longer so much time and I also have more importantly this blog.

So here is the response to the item which I will later try again and post…. maybe.

“But when the EDL pointed this out on its website, British authorities pulled the plug. ”

What they actually said was factually rubbish and text-book bigotry and thus the authorities were abosutely correct in pulling the plug.

The EDL is just another BNP-front and if you go to my blog’s recent post about Gordon Lee Baum you will see at the end a photo of Baum with other white-supremicists including from South Africa and Nick Griffin, which explain it all, and Nick is associated and supported by Spencer and the ugly circle comes fully around, to Gellar and Chesler etc, etc, etc.

Abusing context is the story, always has been and it is good that when the line is crossed that they get their backsides in trouble.  Wilders (also linked to the above) is facing court, that bucket of p*ss Lionheart is facing court, the EDL will soon be I think as well.

The only sad thing in this case is that the authorities can squeeze the EDL but cannot do the same to those immigrant groups that are spouting similarly ugly material.  That is worth complaining.

The EDL had its chance to be logical, distance itself from its racist half-sister but chose not to and is now just her twin.  Sad.

Frankly Jan, you and Jim’s colours are showing clearly and it is not very nice.  I appreciate your allowing my posts, I have read Jim’s comments about me on Jihad-Watch, I know what you all think and to me I simply do not care, if you associate and spout bigotry it only reflects on yourselves.  I have made my point clear each time, I am anti-mass immigration, I dispize anti-integrationists, I consider any radical muslim to by default be a supporter of terrorism and should be jailed, expelled or both.  I believe in the original and traditional conservative values that have been thrown out the door by polarized nut-jobs and I think that self-proclaimed anti-jihadists are mostly annal-retentive fools who have no idea what they are saying and are more akin to sheep following the ram with the largest testicle sack, rather than the sheep-dog trying to move the flock back to the baddock. 

When I was a kid, there was a lot of dangers but most problems and issues were not clouded by mass-ignorance steered by self-absorbed wannabe politicians and saviours, or evangalist-inspired crusaders.  You guys are not recording, analysing or even discussing terrorism, but are partipating in the world’s largest schoolyard gossip show.  WIth a bit of logic and backbone the real issues of terror, unwanted cultural vices infiltrating and ugly radicalism is able to be tackled, but not by the likes of far-right w*nkers whom are manipulated by their own dozen different radical interest groups.


About donny2811
Trots Nederlands, goed gereist en een begerige politieke centrist met een speciale afkeer voor basissen.

2 Responses to The Battle for Britain: Another Pawn to Far Right Radicals

  1. hellosnackbar says:

    If the EDL has got into bed with the BNP then they are finished.
    Their credibility as a worthwhile movement against the ingress of the IslamXXXXX (vulgarism removed) is compromised beyond redemption.

  2. donny2811 says:

    The EDL are obviously BNP, would anyone doubt it?

    Their credibility was never there and they chose to attack an entire people and faith instead of the ugly side and the terrorists amongst them. They failed from the concept.

    Just a note, vulgarism and other unaceptable language (see the rules) will not be tolerated. Good conversation with respect, be it debate or discussion is always accepted, on-topic of course.

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