Agenda-Based “Studies” – How Wilders Attempts To Push the Lie

In today’s het Telegraaf and DutchNews there are items about the released NYFER report about the cost of non-Western Immigration in The Netherlands.  Wilders and others from the far-right anti-immigrant and anti-Islam PVV feign shock, horror and disgust!  Proof yet again that their warnings and concerns are justified, now people should shut-up and listen!    Or is it?   The NYFER report (Budgettaire effecten van immigratie van niet-westerse allochtonen) was, of course, planned and paid for by the PVV.  Since they paid for it, they get to set “the question” that sets out the perimeters and scope of what NYFER must report on.   This is the catch and this is how one gets the result one wants.  The scope for this report was the cost of benefits of immigrants from non-western nations, base the returns on a very limited set of criteria and pronounce a big raw figure which the PVV in return will call it decisive, factual and representative.  Add a few other figures about crime and we have what Wilders wanted in the first place.   All classic stage 2 radical behaviour. 

Page 27 of the NYFER report is the key page and it gives a very small and limited chart of generalized (it has to be generalized as there is no over-whelming criteria or set of variables to explain the realities of costs/benefits) the figures that they give.   The do not do the same either for western-immigrants and thus there is no minimal comparisons (context) to work or justify the findings.   You will also find that the benefits or returns side of the equation from the very selective target group in the report is very limited and based on five generalized criteria. 

That Wilders paid money to create an item that he will call facts and proof endlessly that is based on manipulation and agenda reflects more on the desperation and in fact obligations he has to continue and prop-up his “great lie”.  As I have placed in another articles, there are three “musts” that all radicals find themselves following no matter what and attempting to push along the lie through abuse of context is classic Stage 2. of these obligations (1. being the lie itself and 3. being the assumption that people are stupid).   

I feel sorry for NYFER to a degree, they want the business and money and are obliged to do what their client says and cannot discriminate against a group that is formally a part of the Dutch Parliament.  They are also supposed to be dispassionate and must stick to the scope given, thus their report was doomed to be the most foulest of abortions in the life of independent studies.

Interestingly, and to a degree ironic, the more educated and perhaps globally better known psychologist and feminist author Phyllis Chesler pushed her islamophobic hate through a so-called study that did not even bother to attempt to look serious and factual.  Her study was gleamed from media sources and chose simply to only count honor-killings done from Muslim communities with a scattering of chosen others – and then count the figure globally and as evidence.

POSTSCRIPT:   I should add that NYFER also said the following, as correctly pointed out by Radio Netherlands Worldwide:

What did Nyfer look into?

The independent institute investigated the budgetary consequences of the influx of non-Western immigrants. The effect of immigration on public-sector finance was derived by calculating the net contribution of immigrants to the public sector during their entire life, or during their stay, as the case may be.

The effects on the labour market and the housing market were not included in the calculations even though they ultimately have economic consequences. The non-economic effects of immigration, too, were left out of the analysis.

Nyfer concludes that there are many long-term positive effects of immigration, as the second-generation migrants tend to make up for some of their disadvantages. This development takes time and could not be factored into the research.

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2 Responses to Agenda-Based “Studies” – How Wilders Attempts To Push the Lie

  1. eslaporte says:

    Yes – it appears that some in the Dutch media are stumping for Wilders.

    See this from DutchNews : “The Dutch Taliban” :

    The article admits, in one paragraph:
    As the Telegraaf notes, Westerners are ideal not just as reinforcements but as propaganda material for online video clips, proof that the holy war is supported by the very same nationalities as the enemy NATO forces themselves. As yet, no Dutch citizens have appeared, but it may only be a matter of time.

    So, does not include Dutch of Moroccan or Turkish ethnic background, or most other Dutch Muslim groups. Why “it’s only a matter of time?”

  2. donny2811 says:

    I read that item on DutchNews as well as the Holland Bureau main item. I try and look at it this way, yes there are radicals, extremists, militants and terrorists and they are a danger and we must fight them.

    We also must recognize their existence as much as we must recognize/acknowledge they are a minority and a fringe.

    Add to that and very importantly is that we must fight two other aspects that are forgotten and lost in conflict. The first is that these terrorists, militants etc have an influence on the young, the vulnerable, the displaced and in many countries over the base-level education system. They (radicals) have a control over what is taught in the madrassas and the small mosques throughout Pakistan, Afghanistan, Tajik, Kazakhstan, India, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Malaysia (to a small degree), Egypt, Sudan and a few others to varying degrees.

    For me this is not acknowledged because people fear by saying that it is attacking Islam or bigoted when it is a fact, and at the same time there is a fear that it is blown out of proportion and then does become generalized, as we all well know. I think in these countries the government is afraid of putting some tight ropes around the Imams an religious establishments that have and want to keep a certain level of influence (political that is), and thus mixing the two subjects must be a horrible dilemma for them. Saudi’s King sort of alluded to it that it has taken almost 20 years for him to take back some control of the wahhabist influence in that country’s judicial and public service.

    The other area that is forgotten is that everything that is controversial, media linked or in fact important in life will be played by interest groups from all sides. Thus yes there are Dutch nationals fighting for the Taliban and even Al Qaeda and it will be milked for all it can be gained by the bigot-agenda group such as Wilders. The presence of western “Christian” forces is at the same time being milked by the Taliban and Al Qaeda for all that they can to spur more anger and hatred – for me it is all the same, either by gun and sword or by pen and key stroke.

    When it suits them Western governments will push patriotism and the need to fight terrorism (of which I agree) but when it comes to local elections they will say less and talk about not discriminating and generalizing against Muslim nationals (which I of course agree with) but I see the hypocrisy in both statements and I am way too blunt to pick and chose the right time and that is why I pretty much died-out as a politician.

    If I am pointing to anything, I am showing the horrors of radicalism but there are a million versions of it and the most expertise is in the game of politics. The


    Donny vdH

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