There are lies, damned lies and statistics!


There are lies, damned lies and statistics! – Mark Twain’s famous words.  

I use it without reservation and guilt as my previous article about Geert Wilders and his report which pushes what he says is statistical proof of his ugly accusations of hate. 

My previous item on Robert Spencer and the very well worded perspective about his Islamophobia from “The American Muslim” website rather made me angry and I spent some of the night rather badly.  Here was a list of twenty (twenty) perfect examples of deliberate lies spread around by the likes of Spencer, Fitzgerald and Gellar on the internet for the only purpose of to create hate.  I should add that Gellar at one point was so excited about another rumour that she posted it so quickly that it burned her and she had to retract it – that Barrack Obama was the love-child of Malcom X.  I decided, therefore, to again put those twenty ponts and expand on the ugliness behind them. 

Arabs didn’t celebrate 9/11 at a Dunkin Donuts in New Jersey. 

Truth or Fiction wrote that:  A boycott of Dunkin Donuts stores is advocated in an email that describes outrageous conduct at some of them.  According to the eRumor, the owner of a store was seen burning a U.S. Flag, at another store, the U.S. flag was found on the floor with Arabic writing on it, and in yet another store, the employees, who were of “Arabic background,” were cheering the terrorist attacks. 

No evidence has been found to support this eRumor.  No first-hand witnesses have been found.  A statement from the Dunkin Donuts company says it has investigated the rumors including viewing security videotapes from the stores. 

Michelle Malkin - Conspiracy Theorist

The major hate-agenda personality to fall and push this email was Michelle-Malkin (The link above to Truth or Fiction has the text of the email spread around) and Urban Legends also has a similar dismissive item on it.  

Budweiser did not pull all its product from the shelves of a convenience store where there was celebration of the terrorist attacks. 

This never happened. A Budweiser driver delivering beer to a convenience store in McFarland, California, walked in to find Arabs in the store celebrating the terrorist attacks on America. The driver called his boss and was told to remove all the Budweiser products from the store and to tell them they’d never be delivered Bud products again.   Another version says Pepsi joined to boycott the store as well. 

There have been numerous attempts to validate this story, but with no success.  A spokesperson for Budweiser says the company has investigated it and not found any evidence that it is true. has received isolated reports of similar incidents from other parts of the country, but they seem to be localized versions of the same eRumor.   In October, 2007, a new version of this eRumor began circulating that added Pepsi Cola to the story. It claimed that the Budweiser driver lived next door to a Pepsi driver and that through that contact Pepsi decided to pull its products from the store as well–and that the store closed as a result. None of it is true. 

The Muslim statement of faith (Shahada) is not an expression of hate. 

WASHINGTON — The Anti-Defamation League last week issued an unusual retraction and apology for suggesting that Islam’s declaration of faith, the Shahada, is an “expression of hate” that is “closely identified” with terrorism.   The ADL did not apologize, however, for suggesting that Muslim students at the University of California, Irvine, who wore stoles carrying their declaration of faith at a graduation ceremony last week, did so to express support for terrorists. 

Other Jewish groups that issued condemnations for Irvine’s Muslim students declined to retract the condemnations, although staffers at these organizations acknowledged privately that the denunciations were based on wrong information and on a misunderstanding of a basic tenet of Islam. The dispute, which followed a year of strained relations between Jewish and Muslim students on campus, erupted after Jewish students learned that UCI Muslim students were planning on wearing green stoles with the Shahada in the graduation processional. 

The Jewish students apparently thought that their Muslim colleagues were planning on wearing sashes that glorify suicide bombers. Alarmed, they asked the university’s administration to intervene. UCI’s administration, after an investigation, was satisfied that the stoles carried no message of hate. A dozen out of some 4,000 graduates wore the stoles to the graduation ceremony.  The controversial stoles — similar to ones worn by hundreds of Muslim students in graduation ceremonies in American universities in recent years — in fact bore no text or symbol that glorifies terrorists. They had, on one side, a decorative, star-shaped Arabic calligraphy saying: “God, increase my knowledge.” 

On the other side, they had the text of the Muslim Shahada, the “testimony,” which is known as the first tenet of Islam, and says: “There is no God but Allah, and Muhammad is Allah’s prophet.” Every Muslim is obligated to repeat that testimony many times a day in order to express and strengthen his or her belief. Jewish activists, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said that Jewish groups overreacted because of a linguistic mistake originally made by pro-Israel students on campus. The Jewish students heard that the stoles had the word “shahada” on them. That word, in Arabic, has two meanings. It denotes the testimony of faith, but it also denotes the action of becoming a “martyr” while fighting for Islam. In Palestinian society, the word shahada often is used to describe the fate of Palestinians who die in attacks on Israelis or in confrontations with Israelis. 

The Jewish students notified the local offices of the ADL and the American Jewish Congress that the Muslim student union was calling on its members to wear arm bands and head bands, similar to the ones that Palestinian Islamist terrorists often wear, which carry a text glorifying suicide bombers. A local Orange County newspaper also wrongly described the stoles as bearing the word “shahada.” The ADL and AJCongress, as well as the Zionist Organization of America, launched a campaign blasting the Muslim students and criticizing the UCI administration for not taking a position against the wearing of the stoles. At the encouragement of activists with Jewish groups, Fox News’s nationally televised show “The O’Reilly Factor” devoted segments to the controversy on two consecutive nights. Following complaints from Muslim organizations regarding the ADL’s reference to the Shahada as being an expression of hate, the ADL issued a “clarification” saying that the organization “is respectful of the Shahada, the Muslim Declaration of Faith, which is expressed by millions of Muslims around the world.” The statement also said: “It was never our intent to offend anyone, and we apologize to those who took offense.”   But the ADL, in its revised statement, still insists that the Shahada “has been closely identified with Palestinian terrorists” and therefore its public display by the students makes the ADL “deeply troubled.”  AJCongress, which did not change its statement after it was made clear that the Muslim students were not displaying hate-filled messages, wrongly referred to the controversial word as “shahida” and wrongly translated it as “suicide bomber.”   The erroneous statement, prominently posted on the AJCongress Web site, still had not been changed at presstime. ( – a Jewish Daily website). 

An American Missionary in Africa didn’t face possible murder charges and hanging because of a traffic accident.  

Back to TruthorFiction: 

Mike Hutchinson, an American missionary in Guinea-Bissau, West Africa, is caught in his car by an angry Moslem mob. A 16-year-old boy is struck by the missionary’s car and the missionary is now on trial for his life and with the threat of immediate execution by hanging. Some versions say the missionary is from a church in Long Beach, Mississippi. 

According to Mike Hutchinson’s father-in-law, Jimmie Wood, there was an accident and a 16-year-old boy did lose his life. It was in the West African country of Senegal, however, and there was no angry Moslem crowd and no danger of Mike Hutchinson being executed.    According to Wood, the boy walked into the path of Mike’s car without looking. Mike rushed him to a hospital, but the boy died on the way.  Mike then went to the police and volunteered a report. Fellow missionaries went to the family of the boy to comfort them in their loss.  Under Senegalese law, a hearing about the matter was required and Mike was had to stay in Senegal until that hearing, but he was never arrested, jailed, or threatened and the authorities classed the event as an accident and treated Mike with respect.  Wood says he has no idea where the subject of hanging came from.    It was never a part of the picture.   

There was no Christian-Moslem conflict and, in fact, one of the missionaries was invited to participate in the boy’s funeral. 

There is no verse of the Qur’an on “The Wrath of the Eagle”. 

TruthorFiction, Snopes, Urban Legends all have items about the false emails and subsequent frenzy on self-proclaimed anti-jihad websites over a Verse 9:11 that is supposed to be in the Koran.   

Urban Legends says: Truth be told, the word “eagle” doesn’t appear anywhere in the Muslim holy book, the Qur’an. 

The supposed bomb threat made by an Arizona student that led to an evacuation of the school was a hoax by non-Muslim students

I could note get the link working but found the following from a regional US media outlet. 

PHOENIX — A Gilbert junior high school was put on lockdown last Thursday following a bad joke targeting a Muslim student. Mustafa Abdul Razzaq is a seventh-grader at Mesquite Junior High School. At 13, he’s already been accused of being a terrorist. “They call me ‘terrorist’ and they say, like, my dad’s bin Laden,” Mustafa said. “They” are his classmates at Mesquite. On the last day of class, Mustafa found himself the victim of a cruel prank. A classmate wrote a bomb threat in someone else’s yearbook and signed it with Mustafa’s name. “I confronted him. I told him not to write this stuff. ‘You need to stop. You’re going to get yourself in deep trouble,'” Mustafa said. On Thursday, the school was placed on lockdown while Mustafa was interrogated by police. Officials let him go when his classmates admitted the threat was a joke. “Even the first time, it wasn’t even a joke,” Mustafa said. “What happened to my son is not fair,” Mustafa’s mother said. “I think it is not a joke, like they say in the police report.” Police submitted charges of intimidating and threatening to juvenile authorities. A prosecutor will decide if the prank was a hate crime. 

Iran is considering forcing Jews to wear a yellow star. 

The story that Iran was considering forcing Jews to wear a yellow star appeared in several publications and it was totally false.    

This item is interesting, it was actually disseminated by the very conservative journal “The Nation” (Benador Associates) . 

Richard Silverstein puts it well in his website: 

I just read a follow-up by Larry Cohler-Esses in The Nation to his Jewish Week story about the bogus report that Iran planned to force Jews to wear a Nazi-like yellow stripe on their clothing. So many able progressive bloggers have covered this story so I don’t want to go over ground that’s already been plowed. But there are some interesting Jewish angles to this story that haven’t been fully amplified yet. 

The Jewish star fraud was perpetrated by a neocon darling, Iranian-born Amir Taheri. The latter is represented by another neocon PR outfit, Benador Associates, which placed the article in the Canadian National Post, a paper owned by the Asper family.  

The Aspers are supporters of Israeli hardline politics and so it’s no wonder they ran the story. Benador Associates seems to represent just about anyone who’s anyone in the neo-con movement. Their “member list” reads like a Who’s Who of Bush Administration/Aipac-friendly insiders. Just a few of the pertinent names prominent in hardline pro-Israel politics: David Gelertner, Charles Jacobs (DAVID Project), Charles Krauthammer, Michael Ledeen, Martin Kramer, Richard Pipes, Richard Perle, A.M. Rosenthal, Yossi Olmert, Natan Sharansky, Dennis Prager. 

Eleana Benador, the company’s founder, is a former director of Daniel Pipes hard-right Middle East Forum. 

Comment: We can see how high up and how much effort there is from far-right pro-Israel groups will go and do for their “radical” causes. 

The slaying of the New Jersey Coptic family was falsely charged to Muslims. 

This sad tale of a horrible murder and robbery of a Copt-family originally from Egypt shows how rumour spreads, pre-existing tensions heat up emotions and then websites exploit it and turn the problem into an ugly mess. 

Click the link and read the item, references and links from The American Muslim page on the matter. I see one of the worst examples from “” which is one of those self-proclaimed anti-jihadist sites.  It resulted in the US Copts Association condemning Muslim Extremists. 

The end of the story is in fact self-explanatory and if the matter was not so horrible for all involved and would disrespect the victims – it would be laughable: 

The upstairs neighbor of the family and another man were charged today. Edward McDonald, 25, pleaded not guilty to four counts of felony murder. Hamilton Sanchez, 30, faces similar charges and also pleaded not guilty.  



NatWest Piggy Bank Add

The story about the British banks banning piggy banks so as not to offend Muslims never happened. 

“The Halifax press office said in an email to Mediawatch: ‘Halifax has not withdrawn any piggy banks from branches. As a matter of fact we have not used piggy banks in our branches for a number of years.’ And the media relations office of the Nat West wrote: ‘There is absolutely no fact in the story. We simply had a UK wide savings marketing campaign, which included pictures of piggy banks, running until the end of September. Piggy banks have been and will continue to be used as a promotional item by NatWest’.” MediaWatchWatch, 16 November 2005  

Credit where it’s due, though. 

Two weeks ago Robert Spencer admitted he got it wrong.   Dhimmi Watch, 3 November 2005 

Muslims are not more likely to support terrorism and violence than Christians or Jews. 

Those who think that Muslim countries and pro-terrorist attitudes go hand-in-hand might be shocked by new polling research: Americans are more approving of terrorist attacks against civilians than any major Muslim country except for Nigeria. 

The survey, conducted in December 2006 by the University of Maryland’s prestigious Program on International Public Attitudes, shows that only 46 percent of Americans think that “bombing and other attacks intentionally aimed at civilians” are “never justified,” while 24 percent believe these attacks are “often or sometimes justified.” Contrast those numbers with 2006 polling results from the world’s most-populous Muslim countries – Indonesia, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Nigeria. Terror Free Tomorrow, the organization I lead, found that 74 percent of respondents in Indonesia agreed that terrorist attacks are “never justified”; in Pakistan, that figure was 86 percent; in Bangladesh, 81 percent. Do these findings mean that Americans are closet terrorist sympathizers? 

Hardly. Yet, far too often, Americans and other Westerners seem willing to draw that conclusion about Muslims. 

Public opinion surveys in the United States and Europe show that nearly half of Westerners associate Islam with violence and Muslims with terrorists. Given the many radicals who commit violence in the name of Islam around the world, that’s an understandable polling result. – Christian Science Monitor  

Muslims did not destroy the Library of Alexandria. 

Julius Caesar did not burn it to the ground in 47 B.C., and the Muslims did not finish it off in a fit of fanaticism after conquering Alexandria in 642. It probably had disintegrated long before that, not from violence but from the rotting of the papyrus. In short, the library of Alexandria did not come to a dramatic end in a way comparable to the National Library in Baghdad. But burning and looting has marked the history of libraries at crucial turning points, beginning with the sack of Athens in 86 B.C., when the Romans carried off the remains of Aristotle’s library, the greatest in Greece and the model for the library of Alexandria. In the latest study of the Alexandrian library, Luciano Canfora invokes a series of catastrophes — Athens, Rome, Pergamum, Antioch, Constantinople — and concludes sadly: “By the middle of the fourth century, even Rome was virtually devoid of books. … Surveying this series of foundations, refoundations and disasters, we follow a thread that links together the various, and mostly vain, efforts of the Hellenistic-Roman world to preserve its books.” The loss of the books meant the loss of a civilization. Classicists have been able to piece together pictures of antiquity by picking through the remains, but we probably know only a small fraction of what we might have known, had the libraries survived. – 

Nurses in Britain were not “ordered to drop everything and turn Muslims’ beds toward Mecca five times daily”. 

The item was pushed by “The Daily Express” and “The Daily Star” and caught on. Dewsbury and District Hospital actually when questioned about the item stated that what they had said was that they would do that …… for terminally ill patients.  Not that the gossip rags are interested…. 

There is no Muslim sword through the 41-cents mark on the U.S. Eid stamp. 

The American Muslim points out that it only takes a look to know there is none but people believe what they are told. There have been in the past similar statements to say there were also swastikas. I rather liked the comment also that they made regarding how some whilst pushing these lines asked why there was an “Eid” stamp in the first place, but they never bothered to note that there is a Hanukkah stamp as well. 

Sirhan Sirhan is a Christian, not a Muslim. 

I see why there is no link to this, just the most simple check and you will discover the attempted assassin of Pope Paul II was a Palestinian – Christian.  Yet apparently time and time again people give him as an example of the so-called Muslims. 

The Virginia Tech massacre had no connection with Islam. 

The father of the Virginia Tech shooter worked in Saudi Arabia before he married and earned enough money to buy a business back in Korea.  The supposed ‘similarity’ between Cho’s video and statements to some statements made by al Qaeda people ignores the fact that Cho also referred to Christian beliefs – “I die like Jesus Christ to inspire generations of defenseless people…” “Do you know what it feels like to be impaled upon a cross”. Muslims don’t believe that Jesus died on the cross. 

A bus driver in Britain didn’t tell passengers to get off the bus so he could pray. 

The item was raised by the Daily Sun. The bus company had radioed the driver to terminate the bus outside Langley Fire Station in London Road because it was running late due to road construction. He was told to have the passengers leave the bus and wait there for another bus to pick them up. He then went on his 10 minute break and said his prayers on the bus.    Not much of an alarming attack on Western values by a crazed Muslim, but even the article in The Observer that made all of these clarifications headlined the article “Bosses Defend Muslim Who Stopped the 81 Bus to Pray” – was not exactly honesty in reporting when the headline includes an innuendo. 

Rachel Ray’s Paisley scarf is not a symbol of “murderous Palestinian Jihad” (and neither is a Keffiyah). 

More from Michelle-Malkin and her Dunkin Donut fiasco. 

A Muslim student in Florida did not refuse to stand for the pledge of allegiance. 

The “story” of the JROTC student in Florida who was suspended because she confronted a Muslim student in hijab for not standing for the pledge of allegiance.  

According to the story the student said to the Muslim girl: “Take that thing off your head and act like you’re proud to be an American”. 

Once again the Islamophobes were a little quick to jump to negative conclusions about Islam and Muslims. 

Robert Spencer at Jihad Watch posted an article with the headline: “Florida: Muslim girl sits for Pledge of Allegiance. Non-Muslim girl asks her why she doesn’t act proud to be an American. Guess who got suspended” 

A site called “Bare Naked Islam” posted the “GET THE HELL OUT OF MY COUNTRY YOU MUSLIM SCUM. Fricken Muslim will wear a rag on her head but not put her hand over her heart.” which was the least offensive thing they had to say. 

The only problem with all of this is that as it turns out that according to school officials the student lied about seeing Muslim student sit during Pledge of Allegiance and furthermore, the Muslim student did stand for the Pledge of Allegiance. 

There were no Muslims acting suspiciously on Air Tran flight 297. 

Defense Contractor Makes Up Wild Islamic Terrorism Fantasy; Right-Wingers Act Like it’s 9/11 All Over Again True story. 

A right-winger who obviously reads too many of those really hard-core Islamophobic blogs emailed around a detailed account of how he had heroically thwarted a terrorist attack on a flight from Atlanta to Houston. According to the story, which proliferated on conservative blogs and rose as high up the wingnut food chain as Glenn Beck’s website, Ted Petruna was on the AirTrans flight waiting to taxi when he saw a bunch of “Muslims” acting suspiciously. They spoke to each other covertly on their cell phones from different locations within the plane. In Arabic, of course. They refused the crew’s orders to turn off the phones; instead, they started watching pornographic films (this is what religious fundamentalists tend to do before launching suicide attacks, according to Petruna). 

When the group stood up and started walking towards the flight deck, Petruna and a brave fellow Texan who had also noted the suspicious doings of the men took action. They manhandled the outclassed young Muslims into compliance and secured them until Air Marshals boarded the plane and took the group into custody. 

Debbie Schlussel - wants to believe it

Apparently Debbie Schlussel still thinks it happened and the Government ‘covered-it up”. 

Wearing a tee-shirt with Arabic writing on it does not make a person dangerous. 

Apparently there was this incident with Jetblue staff…. 

At around 8:30, two men approached me while I was checking my phone. One of them asked me if I had a minute and he showed me his badge, I said: “sure”. We walked some few steps and stood in front of the boarding counter where I found out that they were accompanied by another person, a woman from Jet Blue. One of the two men who approached me first, Inspector Harris, asked for my id card and boarding pass. I gave him my boarding pass and driver’s license. He said “people are feeling offended because of your t-shirt”. I looked at my t-shirt: I was wearing my shirt which states in both Arabic and English “we will not be silent”. You can take a look at it in this picture taken during our Jordan meetings with Iraqi MPs. I said “I am very sorry if I offended anyone, I didn’t know that this t-shirt will be offensive”. He asked me if I had any other T-shirts to put on, and I told him that I had checked in all of my bags and I asked him “why do you want me to take off my t-shirt? Isn’t it my constitutional right to express myself in this way?” The second man in a greenish suit interfered and said “people here in the US don’t understand these things about constitutional rights”.  

So I answered him “I live in the US, and I understand it is my right to wear this t-shirt”. Then I once again asked the three of them : “How come you are asking me to change my t-shirt? Isn’t this my constitutional right to wear it? I am ready to change it if you tell me why I should. Do you have an order against Arabic t-shirts? Is there such a law against Arabic script?” so inspector Harris answered “you can’t wear a t-shirt with Arabic script and come to an airport. It is like wearing a t-shirt that reads “I am a robber” and going to a bank”. I said “but the message on my t-shirt is not offensive, it just says “we will not be silent”. I got this t-shirt from Washington DC. There are more than a 1000 t-shirts printed with the same slogan, you can google them or email them at . It is printed in many other languages: Arabic, Farsi, Spanish, English, etc.”  

Inspector Harris said: “We can’t make sure that your t-shirt means we will not be silent, we don’t have a translator. Maybe it means something else”. I said: “But as you can see, the statement is in both Arabic and English”. He said “maybe it is not the same message”. So based on the fact that Jet Blue doesn’t have a translator, anything in Arabic is suspicious because maybe it’ll mean something bad! Meanwhile, a third man walked in our direction. He stood with us without introducing himself, and he looked at inspector Harris’s notes and asks him: “is that his information?”, inspector Harris answered “yes”. The third man, Mr. Harmon, asks inspector Harris : “can I copy this information?”, and inspector Harris says “yes, sure”. inspector Harris said: “You don’t have to take of your t-shirt, just put it on inside-out”. I refused to put on my shirt inside-out. So the woman interfered and said “let’s reach a compromise. I will buy you a new t-shirt and you can put it on top of this one”. I said “I want to keep this t-shirt on”. Both inspector Harris and Mr. Harmon said “No, we can’t let you get on that airplane with your t-shirt”.  

I said “I am ready to put on another t-shirt if you tell me what is the law that requires such a thing. I want to talk to your supervisor”. Inspector Harris said “You don’t have to talk to anyone. Many people called and complained about your t-shirt. Jetblue customers were calling before you reached the checkpoint, and costumers called when you were waiting here in the boarding area”. it was then that I realized that my t-shirt was the reason why I had been taken to the secondary checking. I asked the four people again to let me talk to any supervisor, and they refused. The Jet Blue woman was asking me again to end this problem by just putting on a new t-shirt, and I felt threatened by Mr. Harmon’s remarks as in “Let’s end this the nice way”.  

Taking in consideration what happens to other Arabs and Muslims in US airports, and realizing that I will miss my flight unless I covered the Arabic script on my t-shirt as I was told by the four agents, I asked the Jet Blue woman to buy me a t-shirt and I said “I don’t want to miss my flight.” She asked, what kind of t-shirts do you like. Should I get you an “I heart new york t-shirt?”.  

So Mr. Harmon said “No, we shouldn’t ask him to go from one extreme to another”. I asked mr. harmon why does he assume I hate new york if I had some Arabic script on my t-shirt, but he didn’t answer.  

Reading the link I get the impression that Jetblue make a mess of anything to do with race, racial profiling and religion, having also apparently sacked a Jewish worker for refusing to work on Saturdays and a Pakistani born pilot candidate because his nationality presented problems. I should be fair to say this is second to third hand knowledge about the incidents but it is interesting. 

A Madrassah is simply a school. 

I did not bother to look up the link, I travel constantly between Rotterdam, Casablanca and Tunis and I know for a fact that Madrassa means school and every school bus in both countries will have written the name in Arabic madrassa – whatever, even if it is a French language international school. 

The zebibah (prayer bruise) on some Muslims foreheads is not a sign of a “commitment to jihad”. 

Like Madrassa this is also not needing investigation, from what I see from people, if you prayer the five prayers each day that the muslims do and the carpets are not the best quality, you will get a bruise. 

Jihad is not terrorism. 

Again, even I can answer this. Jihad means “struggle” and there are supposed to be two types of Jihad. The greater one is the one of self-improvement and the lesser one is participating and if necessary sacrificing oneself in any threat to Islam itself. That radical islamists claim is a jihad is meaningless except to western media and radical western bloggers with hate agendas, as a real lesser jihad has to be sanctioned by the five schools of Islam and none have done so since – well since the end of the 11th century when Pope Urban II declared a holy war or crusade against Islam! 

Ashura is not a “Muslim blood festival”. 

J. Grant Swank published an article which expressed shock at the Shia celebration of Ashura and the associated practice of self-flagellation and called it a “Muslim blood festival”. In this article he made the following false comparison between Islam and Christianity based on this custom: 

“Once again we are reminded of the killing cult named “Islam.” We are shown worldwide photo coverage of the devilment going on in the name of “god.” It is so sad to realize that millions are brainwashed into this cult. As the hellish cult moves into non-Muslim countries, it takes with it these “celebrations” from The Pit. 

He must not have heard of the penitents of New Mexico and the American Southwest, or the flagellants, or mortification of the flesh, or the penitential rite held every seven years in Guardia, Italy, or the Holy Week self-flagellation and even crucifixion rituals in the Philippines, or even hair shirts and other forms of physical penance. 

As Wikipedia points out “Modern processions of hooded flagellants are still a feature of various mediterranean Catholic countries, mainly in Spain, Portugal and Italy and some former colonies, usually every year during Lent.” 

He also forgot to mention that it is a Shia Islam tradition only, not followed by the majority Sunnis. 

Muslims are not forbidden to have non-Muslims as friends. 

The Qur’an forbids Muslims from taking as “patrons those disbelievers who take your religion as an [occasion for] mockery and jest.” Al-Ma’ida, 5:56. Unfortunately, some translators of the Qur’an have inaccurately translated the word wali in these and other verses to mean “friend,” implying that Muslims cannot have friends from outside their faith. Indeed, one often hears some Muslims interpreting these verses to mean precisely that. This reading of wali, however, is mistaken.  Sensitivity to the Qur’anic use of this term reveals that the more accurate rendering is that of “patron,” as used above. 

The political/legal content of this term is clear from the verse in which God says “As for those who are killed unjustly, we have given his wali authority [to seek justice], so let him not be excessive in killing.” Al-Isra??, 17:33. Here, wali obviously means the deceased’s next of kin who is given legal standing to pursue the murderer. To understand it as friend would simply be absurd. While it would not be absurd to read the use of wali in the previous verses as “friend” if the verses are read in isolation, when these verses are read along with other Qur’anic verses dealing with Muslims’ relationships with non-Muslims, it is obvious that the political/legal meaning of the word is the one intended. 

Two verses makes this particularly clear. First, God allowed Muslim men to marry Christian and Jewish women. Al-Ma’ida, 5:5. Because Muslims are allowed to marry Christian and Jews, a fortiori they Muslims can be “friends” with Christians and Jews. More generally, God said, “God forbids you not from dealing justly and lovingly with those who have not fought you on account of your religion or expelled you from your homes. He prohibits you from taking as patrons only those who waged war against you on account of your religion, expelled you from your homes, and aided one another to expel you. Whosoever takes them as patrons are certainly wrongdoers.” Al-Mumtahina, 60:8-9. 

The Nuclear Security Summit logo is an atom on a circular path, not an Islamic symbol. 

How do people come up with this rubbish is beyond me, but it happens: 

This week there was a lot of discussion about the Nuclear Security Summit logo which has the Bohr model of the atom around the outside of a circular logo on a blue background. This was seen by those looking for Muslims under the bed as not an atom, but something sinister, a crescent moon. 

These Muslim conspiracy theorists find Islamic symbolism everywhere.  Remember the uproar over the Flight 93 memorial by Michelle Malkin and many others of this same crowd.  Or Frank Gaffney’s theory that the U.S. Missile Defense Logo is evidence of Obama’s ‘Submission To Shariah’. 

Michael Goodwin in an article in the New York Post wrote 

“The first time I saw the swirling logo for the Nuclear Security Summit, it looked familiar. I soon figured out what it reminded me of: a crescent moon. The kind of crescent moon you see on the flags of Muslim countries (from left: Turkey, Algeria, Tunisia and Pakistan). Indeed, the crescent, often with a single or multiple stars, is the main symbol of Islam. So now there is something like it at an official presidential event, prominently displayed in photographs being beamed around the world.” 

This is pretty typical of the conspiracy theory crowd.  And, for a stark raving mad take on this logo and many others (including the Missile Defense Agency) see this article on the Error Theory blog. 

Missile Defense Logo is not evidence of Obama’s ‘Submission To See above item. Shariah’, and neither is the Flight 93 memorial. 

See above item and needless to say it is Michelle Malkin yet again!   I will have to do an item on her. 

Barack Obama is not a Muslim. 

I have heard this one a few times and it is simply laughable.   As a President, the guy is under so much scrutiny and we know the story of his origin and in particular we know his very real Christian Faith and from all aspects a good one at that, with understandings of such things as Abrhamic Faith commonality with Islam and Judaism.  

But then again, the same conspiracy theorists – all from the far-right of course, also keep saying he was not even American…. and remember Gellar who said that and at the same time he was Malcom-X’s love-child – which then again would make him an American! Confusing eh? 

Former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and Secretary of State Colin Powell’s well worded condemnation of America’s political right and the Republican Party’s playing the sick game: 

I’m also troubled by, not what Sen. McCain says, but what members of the party say, and it is permitted to be said such things as: “Well, you know that Mr. Obama is a Muslim.”    

Well, the correct answer is: he is not a Muslim. He’s a Christian.  He’s always been a Christian.  

But the really right answer is: What if he is? Is there something wrong with being a Muslim in this country? The answer is: No, that’s not America.  Is there something wrong with some 7-year-old Muslim-American kid believing he or she can be President?   

Yet I have heard senior members of my own party drop the suggestion: he’s a Muslim, and he might be associated with terrorists.   

This is not the way we should be doing it in America. 

PResident Obama's Christian faith is obvious

POSTSCRIPT:  Since I put this together, and of course with full recognition and thanks to the team at The American Muslim, I started looking at the Truth or Fiction website and found a new one, on the same topic: 

Store Closed to Commemorate the Martyrdom of a 9/11 Terrorist 

This is a forwarded email with an attached photo of a note hung on September 11, 2009 in a store window located in Houston, Texas.  The note in the photo says that the store will be closed to commemorate the martyrdom of Imam Ali.   The email says that he was one of the 9/11 terrorists who flew a hijacked jetliner into the 2001 attack of the World Trade Center in New York. 

The owner of the Perfume Planet store in Houston, Texas told that traditionally their store is closed every year during the observance of the martyrdom of Imam Ali.  Imam Ali was not a 9/11 terrorists or a pilot.    Ali, or Ali Ibn Abi Talib was born in Mecca in 600 AD and died in 661 and was the cousin and son-in-law of the founder of Islam, Mohammed.The day of observance fell on the 21st day of the Muslim Ramadan season which by coincidence landed on September 11, 2009. 

The e-mail rumour that was distributed was as follows: 

 Harwin Drive is a street in SW Houston lined with shops that sell right off the boat Chinese junk and knock-offs. The majority of the shops are run by Muslims. The Chinese junk is enough reason not to go there, but this puts the icing on the cake.  

Today I went to the Harwin Central Mall to pick up some crystals. The very first store that you come to when you walk from the lobby of the building into the shopping area had this sign posted on their door.  

I couldn’t stay in the building it made me so sick. Feel free to share this with others.  

Imam Ali flew one of the planes into the twin towers in NY on 9/11… 


Even the subject of Health Care and Islam gets mixed in the process of e-Rumours:

Health Care bill Exempts Moslems and Establishes Moslem Jurisdiction in the U.S.-Fiction!

Summary of the eRumor:  
This is a forwarded warning that HR-3590 or “Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act’’ establishes Dhimmitude or a status of Non-Muslim Minorities Under Islamic Rule and Shri’ah in the United States. The eRumor says this is because Islam forbids followers from purchasing insurance.


The Truth:  
There is a provision for Religious Conscience Exemption in the HR-3590 health care bill that was signed into law by President Obama but there is no Muslim restriction against the purchase of health insurance.  Members of some religious organizations may claim a Religious Conscience Exemption if their sects meet the conditions by having a health care sharing ministry that is exempt from taxation under section 501(a).   For more please click here for finding on the HR-3590.

Health insurance and life Insurance are two different products. According to the Islam online web site, there are a variety of views toward  religio

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Trots Nederlands, goed gereist en een begerige politieke centrist met een speciale afkeer voor basissen.

3 Responses to There are lies, damned lies and statistics!

  1. eslaporte says:

    I’d vote for President Obama even if he was a Muslim, or Jew…
    I thought that in the US Constitution, so loved by especially the Tea Baggers, has a clause: “there shall be not religious test for office…”
    So – when did they start testing for “religious correctness?”

    On that topic, I am also aware of the “political correctness” fights in the Netherlands, as well as the US.
    Well – we now have “religious correctness.”

    Do you also know about the “good ol’ white boy” who was flying back to school in California with Arabic language flash cards. He was taking an Arabic language class at college.
    Well – he was handcuffed, put in jail and interrogated for hours because he tried to take Arabic flash cards on the plane!

    Some of this stuff is utterly childish and it seems that TSA screeners are left alone and have a childlike mentality when doing their work: Arabic language = terrorist?!
    Leaving children alone to do serious adult work makes trouble!

  2. donny2811 says:

    The amount of paranoia is incredible and if it goes into the mind of screeners and air-marshalls it is a recipe for all these errors. If anyone needs to have good cultural awareness and training on what is and what is a risk, it should be these people.

    From the candidacy, Obama was a sure bet and if I was American I think I would have chosen him as well. I am a conservative and still have issues and concerns over Obama’s economic direction – but his foreign policy decisions was and is exactly what is needed.

  3. eslaporte says:

    What is actually needed, recommended by an American rights organization, is targeted at people identified as a threat to airplanes, but also trains, and places of mass gatherings (football stadiums). I am very skeptical of the concept of “no fly” lists, as the intelligence has to be enormous to avoid profiling and “dragnets” that hassle innocent people. Make places airplanes, mass gatherings safe, secure places first, from dangerous instruments.

    Yep – I really like Obama’s foreign policy, but (sorry) little social democracy would be nice.

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