A bit of Dutch Racism? ANWB Chief’s Screws Up

The ANWB is the largest Dutch motoring and tourism organisation, well-known and to a degree very respected.  Or to put it another way, when the boss of ANWB makes a statement people take notice.     Mr Guido van Woerkom, the current head

Guido van Woerkom, ANWB chief and bigot?

was making a speech at an Automobile Leasing conference on the topic of the taxes and other costs of motoring and was quite critical of how the tax structure was working.  He pointed out that since his wife only ever drove a small distance in a year she should pay less taxes.   A participant in the audience suggested that she should alternatively consider taxis.  The result left the conference speechless:



“I would prefer my wife did not take taxis because the driver could be a Moroccan”



We understand that he later made a statement apologizing.   According to the supposedly embarrassed CEO his comment came out wrong and his comments were targeting inconsistencies and qualities within the “taxi sector”. 

Why did I put this little item in?  Three reasons. 

The first is obvious, such a statement is outrageous, bigoted and racist.  Regardless if his intentions were otherwise,” what comes out stays out and almost always reflects what is within. 

The second is that if such a statement from a person at such a level and in such a conference can come out so easily, does that reflect an underlying vision within society? 

The third is the cost factor – for him.  CEOs, Ministers, senior civil servants and other responsible people who make such statements either resign or are forced to resign and I agree with that policy as it is the only way to change things.  

For that last reason, van Woerkom needs to resign.

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Trots Nederlands, goed gereist en een begerige politieke centrist met een speciale afkeer voor basissen.

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