Ranaan Gissin vs Norman Finkelstein

Ranaan Gissen - master of the calm response .... well almost

 On “Russia Today” there was this interesting discussion between the well-known former Israeli Government Spokesman Ranaan Gissen and American political scientist Professor Norman Finkelstein.   I found four references to this item on the web and have cut and pasted the text from “LoonWatch” because of the text. 

My reason for posting it is because it is a sensitive current topic, the perspectives that have grown and how political agenda comes into it.  Ranaan Gissen is a master at selling the point as best as possible and with no regard to full-context and has done so for the far-right Israeli governments for years.   His ability to sit calmly throwing in examples as facts is well-known.  To have him caught out and pushed down to base-facts is rare and thus I post this and quietly thank Dr Finkelstein for forcing it. 

To put it in a nutshell, Ranaan Gissen admitted that for him the justification for the creation if Israel and the use of force against Palestinians living there has been – The Bible. 

Ranaan Gissin:  Israel came with the intention to live alongside the Palestinians and let me say the way, when my great grandfather came from Russia, you know what he said, he had it very right and he had the Bible as his guide, he said the rights of the land are ours because this is our land. This is why I came back because this is our ancestral homeland, people who live on the land have rights and we tried to live with those people. 


Norman Finkelstein - squeezer of blood from stone

Norman Finkelstein:   I wonder Mr. Gissin if I came with a Bible in one hand and came to your home, I knocked on your door and said “according to my Bible, my family lived where your home is, my family lived there two thousand years ago,” would you pack up your bags and leave? 

Ranaan Gissen:    (inaudible) 

Norman Finkelstein: I am waiting for your answer 

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Trots Nederlands, goed gereist en een begerige politieke centrist met een speciale afkeer voor basissen.

3 Responses to Ranaan Gissin vs Norman Finkelstein

  1. Vovchik says:

    Prof. Finkelstein is great, but he refuses to consider, at least explicitly, that (among many other areas) the US media, who would not cover Israel’s war crimes, is under control of Zionists. As an academician he should admit that such a premise (which has a huge body of evidence for it and virtually no evidence to the contrary) would greatly clarified and simplified the current situation, and possibly suggest solutions.

    • donny2811 says:

      Thanks for the comment and participation Vovchik.

      I will try and find the comment that I read a while back by Finkelstein that does debate that issue. If I remember it was by him and two other academics as part of a combined program they are working on. What it came down to was saying that the US media, many major corporations, Congress and to a degre the Executive are a customed to, well lobbied and thus influenced by a strong political Judaism, aka Zionism. That the power to influence, lobby and thus to various degrees “control” certainly exists. I found that interesting and logical, it would be wrong in my opinion to simply generalize that the media or other facets are under the control of Zionism but certainly to level disproportionate to any other influence.

      One thing I find ironic, yesterday I posted an item about “Islamism” or political-Islam and now I am reminded by you about “political-Judaism” and how it may have a basic conceptual purity to it falls flat in the modern world and becomes radical and extremist. Food for thought.

      Donny vdH

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