Gidi Markuszower: PVV’s Israeli Spy?

Markuszower, Likud representative in Holland

In a previous item I mentioned how  Gidi Markuszower, a PVV candidate was forced to withdraw over a number of issues, such as being an Israeli Likud representative in The Netherlands, and he was in conflict with security officials over his publically wearing a gun (The wearing of a gun in public is only legal in very specific circumstances by non law-enforcement officials and is considered taboo in the eyes of the Dutch).

Now we know much more about the subject of the actions and intentions of Gidi Markuszower and it does not look good at all and raises many more questions about his master Geert Wilders – or is it the other way around? 

NRC Handelsblad has explained how the 33-year-old Markuszower has been judged by the AIVD – The Dutch Security Service as a “national security risk” and has been identified as someone who passes information over to foreign sources – in other words he has been spying.   NRC says they have sources confirming that the foreign sources was in fact the Israeli Government and in particular Mossad. 

The armed Markuszower, a Likud representative, a danger to the national security of The Netherlands, a prefered PVV candidate chosen by Wilders himself and a Mossad Agent serving the interests of the Government of Israel.    I remember Wilders complaining about immigrants and in particular Muslims having loyalties outside of our country and that they should be arrested, deported and any nationality revoked. 

If Wilders was a minister, a CEO of some major organisation or senior civil service he would be obliged to resign or be fired on the spot.  Let us see if Wilders will do the right thing and admit that he is under the control or at least influence of a far-right foreign government with a proven track-record of meddling in the affairs of other countries and whom are the source of his specific anti-Islam rhetoric. 

The links of Wilders to Israel grows daily to a point of national security concerns.

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