Spencer – Attack is better than logic

Robert Spencer hides "in front of" a US flag


Robert Spencer is following the philosophical lines of a radical like a train is forever linked to the track.   The signs are there and I have discussed that before.   Checking-up on how he is going has not changed this at all and we see that he has progressed nicely along that doomed and repugnant track he has chosen. 

Clearly has recently decided that attack is the best method, meaning that the logic of his argument (the classic radical’s “lie”) is under so much threat that contextual abuse, smothering the issue with well-chosen data (with no context linked at all) and further “stories” is not working well and falling flat.  The audience is not as stupid as he first thought, but radicals are obliged to think so. 

In one particular case, he has had a “tiff” with a well credited academic/policy strategist called Suhail A. Khan.   He has in a recent post on his blog “Jihad-Watch” (it is a blog and in the end he is only just another blogger) simply attempted to discredit Khan rather than face the arguments given.  He may claim he has done so but never coughs up the evidence.  In typical Spencer style, he has thrown in some of his half-quotes that have no meaning when out of context and raised the specter of child-abuse claims within the foundations of Islam to grab the audience’s emotions, again showing that he is clutching straws. 

There are other signs coming out more recently from Spencer to point out that he and his self-proclaimed “anti-jihad” campaign has fallen for the final phase of radicalism – the con being recognized for the lie it is.   

The easiest sign is there are no new faces within the inner-circle and increased links with other ugly radical groups that many followers would not support.  Spencer is now firmly linked to the racist British BNP (and their front the EDL), that has been proven through photos and speeches.    Geert Wilders did the same costing him about 8 per cent of his vote and more followers abandoning him.    The small circle of hate is now clearer than ever and shrinking.  

Another clear sign is that the usual triangle of Spencer, FitzGerald and Gellar is no longer active as it was, FitzGerald gets little mention these days and Gellar has tried to distance herself from the term “anti-jihad” and tried re-inventing the same rhetoric under the term “human rights”.   That is a clear sign of radicals becoming more hard-pressed and trying to increase profile but still under the same “lie”.   It is also clear evidence of the radical assumption that the audience is stupid – that they will, like crows, see one colour coming in and another colour coming out and thus assume it is a different animal.   No such luck Pamela, the foul rancid smell is the same.  As an Israeli friend on my street in Rotterdam says, “if it feels like sh*t, smells like sh*t and tastes like sh*t, it is never going to be a rose no matter what paint and perfume you spray it with”. (Thanks Ari). 

S Khan, conservative Muslim and anti-radical ....


One other clear sign that things are not going well is when further principles are squashed to follow the radical agenda.   As readers of my blog knows, radicals will give up on their faith, standards and morals to suit that agenda and Spencer has proven that clearly here. 

His attack on Khan shows that all his rhetoric is designed to be seen as far-right and ultra-conservative as possible.  It was just a sham to catch that particular audience.  He knows that xenophobia, bigotry and racism comes more from the far-right and not from the far-left (they have different but equally horrible qualities) and thus he made himself out as the bastion of the ultra-conservative movement.   But as radicals would eventually sell their own mothers for their agenda, he has attacked a leading Conservative think-tank member, endorsed by the previous Bush Administration, someone who does not go out in support for President Obama and linked also to conservative Christian groups.    Spencer, we can assume has not fallen to simple madness and thus has made the decision to start attacking anything “foreign”, to increase his support from the more extreme at the cost of the loss of the strong conservatives whom perhaps he has assumed was catching on to his lack of acceptability. 

Part of Khan’s bio appears as follows, already showing more recognition and respect than Spencer could dream of having: 

He served in the White House Office of Public Liaison assisting in the President’s outreach to various faith communities. Khan also served as Assistant to the Secretary for Policy under U.S. Secretary Mary Peters at the U.S. Department of Transportation. While at the Department of Transportation, Khan was awarded the Secretary’s Team Award in 2005 and the Gold Medal for Outstanding Achievement in 2007.  

Khan serves on the boards of the American Conservative Union, the Islamic Free Market Institute, the Muslim Public Service Network, the Indian American Republican Council, and on the Buxton Initiative Advisory Council. He has spoken venues such as the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC), the Council for National Policy (CNP), the Harbour League, and the National Press Club. He has written opinion pieces for various publications including the Washington Post/Newsweek Forum On Faith. 

Radicals pushing to the ugly end.....


Since I am Dutch, I can also use again the example of Wilders.   He too is  starting to show his true colours.   He is now being accussed by the main political parties of in fact being economically far-left as it is socially far-right, which says they are confused and have alienated itself from elements of the conservative right.  The right wing parties have already said that they will never play-ball with him by allowing him to join any coalition.  He has nothing to lose since he has lost their votes and thus shows more of the ugliness and real colours – exposing himself further.  I personally believe that he is in fact showing that he has no political understanding at all and that there are no real policies or political manifesto.  That the manifesto that exists is pure “bricolage” and that he is just a wannabe saviour no matter it takes, just like Spencer who wants to be adored and remembered as being some sort of expert.  

The wannabe academic he never was, assuming the failed posture of “making it up is as good as studying it”.

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