Bat Ye’or: Victim of her own Hate?

Bat Ye'or uses words like Dhimmitude, unknown to 99 per cent of Muslims and made them a call to hate for islamophobes world-wide

In the blogger Robert Spencer’s Jihad-Watch there was an item about “Bat Ye’or”, the pen-name of the Egyptian-born academic Gisèle Littman. 

To cut a long story short, she was part of the exodus of Egyptian Jews after the ’56 Suez War with Israel, suffered and witnessed horrible things.  All this is very understandable.  She is a good and well respected academic but in my views her past has poisoned her and she has become as anti-Islam in her rhetoric as the worst anti-Semite and that I find not only hypocritical but unconscionable.

I could not resist expressing my opinion and if you see the responses from the resident thugs, you will also see a perfect example of what it is like making comments on that blog-site. In the end I told those enjoying the game of schoolyard bullying what I thought of their tactics and gave them another does of respect, which they do not deserve, by repeating my opinion:

I think that Ye’or is very will presented, writes excellently, has had a very interesting and horrible history that is worth telling and I commend her for being able to tell it.   I also think that she has fallen victim to her hate, which is understandable, but is still not acceptable.  That she has focused that hate into an ugly side that has now degenerated into generalizing hate against an entire faith.  That is simply wrong.

If she left it as, this is my bad experience, this is what radicalism has done, I would be not only singing her praises and quoting her in my own blog but would certainly spend my money and fly over the Atlantic or to whatever location and see her and try and speak to her. 

But she did not and if you really bother to look at the reality. All the gloss and praise for her from the mainstream academic world and even the quality journalists have all abandoned her with a frown and frustrated sadness and even pity. 

I wish her the best but if she continues openly spewing hatred against an entire community she deserves to be condemned in return, especially coming from one that has suffered a similar fate.

She is married to and shares her “work” (or hate with) the human rights activist and author David Littman and just as similarly, his respectable career took a nose-dive in the early 1990s when they took the sad radical path.

A 2009 photo of David and Gisèle Littman (aka Bat Ye'or) sitting next to a young Israeli IDF member. This photo was taken at a ceremony awarding David by Mossad, the Israeli Secret Service

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2 Responses to Bat Ye’or: Victim of her own Hate?

  1. John H. Wilson says:

    I read your article/blog with considerable interest that soon faded to disappointment. You didn’t point out a single factual error or misquote or falsification in her work. In essence you made a personal attack.

    I spent several months reading “The Decline of Eastern Christianity under Islam” and checking as many of her sources (only those in English and French. I don’t know Arabic or Turkish, and my Latin and Greek are not up to snuff) as I could get a hold of. I couldn’t find a single falsification, misquote or anything taken out of context (she actually provides a considerable number of documents in their entirety).

    A personal attack does not discredit the person being attacked, but the attacker.

    John H. Wilson

    • donny2811 says:

      Thank you John, quite simply Bat Ye’or provides details of individual events to blame an entire faith. Those details, examples and historical items are simply that, but as a whole neither makes sense and can be judged as a bigoted attack. She carefully forgets in all her examples that mankind is full of conflict, that references to conflict and war within Islamic texts are examples of that time and that the haddiths are open to interpretation – of which she assumes and supports only the most radical of Muslims.

      The question then has to come down to why? She has had bad experiences in her life and we often see those that experience such a life taking it out on all associated with those responsible. That is all and it is quite simple.

      One must step back a bit and add just a little common sense, if the Bat Ye’ors’ of this world are to be believed, then the world would be in a global conflict, that there would not be 56 Muslim nations but in fact one or two only, that Muslim world leaders would be supporting the Bin Ladens, and uniting to form a global caliphate. They are not, it is in fact quite the opposite.

      It also does not take much investigation to note whom associates with, that her biggest supporters are either part of that fringe hate element in the US or part of the radical and frankly powerful pro-Settler community – be it the lobby groups in the US or in Israel itself. I have no issue with and support the State of Israel and its right to exist, but the Settler groups are there to expand, land-grab and frankly destroy the aspirations of Palestinians. In the end, the logical conclussion is that she wrote her work to support and justify the settler campaign and following that process, she wrote her books with an agenda in mind first, not the other way round which is the scholarly way. That is write with an open mind and let the results fram the conclussions.

      Simple really, it is not a personal attack, but in my language we have a saying – that when there is a bad smell, usually there is dung stuck somewhere. She smells.



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