NRC News Quote – Wilders’ Campaign

I will try to regularly put quotes from various interesting news sources that fit into my blog’s theme.  Today’s first go comes from “NRC – International” called “Anti-immigration Wilders runs a muted campaign” by their reporters Barbara Rijlaarsdam and Herman Staal.    When I quote a source, I will always acknowledge and recommend that the source item be read in full.  Please do so with this one. 

Wilders’ campaign has become remarkably muted. While Rutte, Cohen and Balkenende slug it out in the media, Wilders is ignored, making little impression with his usual one-liners such as, “prison inmates have it better than the aged in our care facilities”.

The PVV is also less active in campaigning around the country. Wilders and his party candidates have only organised voter events about ten times. That is very little in comparison with the competition. Apart from the large, organised debates, they hardly appear in the media. This seems to be a result of Wilders’ tight control over the party. Candidates who speak publicly could make mistakes, seems to be his reasoning.

The only visible PVV candidate is Hero Brinkman, who is pursuing his own campaign. As soon as he was assured of his position as a parliamentary contender, Brinkman launched a public battle for more democracy within Wilders’ party, calling on supporters to cast a vote for him personally. Brinkman wants a more democratic party with a youth wing, and an end to the single-issue focus. Unlike other political party’s, the PVV has no members, except for Wilders himself and all decisions are made by him.

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