Senator John Kerry Quote: Bridging the World’s Divides

In my series of quoting items directly (not in total) from interesting items relevant to this blog today’s quote is from US Senator John Kerry called “Exchanging People and Ideas to Bridge the World’s Divides“.  This item was written in the Huffington Post and aknowledge that.  The item from Senator Kerry expresses many views I also hold, and though could be judged as wishful thinking, and is a goal I take.    Two more comments I wish to point out, the first is that I am from the centre-right, not American and as Senator Kerry is a Democrat I probably have issues with his economic and social agenda.  The second, as I do each time, I recommend that readers look at the entire item and not just my quotes, to ensure full context, respect and acknowledgment to the author – as I do.




For most of the past decade, our relationship was framed by trauma and terrorism, by two wars and political conflict — and the fallout only polarized us further. Many Muslims perceived the United States as an aggressor — projecting its power solely to protect its own security and economic interests, usually at the expense of Muslims. Too many in western societies implicitly, and at times explicitly, blamed an entire religion for the unholy violence of a few. At the same time, suicide bombers and extremists dominated the daily news. Too often, the extremists defined an “us versus them” discourse, and all of us suffered for it.

Since President Obama took office, we have witnessed a dramatic shift. Today, we are in a fundamentally better place than we were a year ago. The President’s new National Security Strategy recognizes that countering violent extremism is only one element of our strategy and “cannot define America’s engagement with the world.”

America is now striving to think and talk differently about Islam. We recognize that a serious debate is underway within Muslim communities over how best to address extremism and combat prejudice. And we are now reaching out to the next generation and cultivating people-to-people relationships through science envoys, exchange programs, President Obama’s Entrepreneurship Summit, and other initiatives hosted by U.S. embassies.

We still have to address the issue at the emotional core for many Muslims: the need for a lasting peace between Israelis and Palestinians. A two-state solution is not a panacea for the problems of the Middle East — it will not solve the region’s demographic challenges or address the Iranian nuclear program. But it can help to transform America’s relations with the world’s Muslims while dramatically improving the prospects of Arabs and Israelis alike.

Ultimately, our relationships should not be framed in terms of religion. They should be defined by our success in tackling the traditional issues we all face — how to put people to work, how to provide healthcare, and how to educate your youth. These are the collective challenges we all face in the 21st century.

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