Pamela Geller Hates History, Facts & Opinion

The ultra-conservative, hate-for-profiteer blogger Pamela Geller hates history, factual evidence and even opinions that are not her own or follow her agenda.  We all know that but I thought I would mention it anyway.

Her blog, Atlasshrugs, is a platform for making wild accusations, assumptions and implications with the obvious intention of allowing radical mob-rule to do the rest.  Her blog is typical of her making the comments or fabrications and then allowing some pretty ugly henchmen or henchwomen do the rest.  Making a comment against the item results not in debate, evidence, but simply rat-bag personal attacks and regular “p*ss off” comments.

Like with the hate-blogger Robert Spencer, I lasted about a week before being cut-off with no comment, simply put my posts disappear.  Interestingly the more you show facts, the nastier the responses and it was in today’s rubbish that they could not take the history lessons or facts and bingo, my posts were chopped.

Today she had shamelessly called a post “Shocking video, Muslim propoganda” about the blockade in Gaza.  She and Spencer have been showing a number of photos and YouTube videos of what is supposed to be Gazan fruit markets, full of wonderful fresh fruits and vegetables and making the assumption that if anything, life is better in Gaza than ever.  One commentor even suggested that the markets of Gaza offered better produce than in their home supermarket in the US.   I pointed out that I would rather have confidence in the live reports, constant updates and assessments from well scrutinized and respected media outlets, international organisations, NGOs, governments and diplomatist that are all constantly scrutinized than her well-known agenda based reports.   My post disappeared in a flash.

Robert Spencer is always overwhelmed by Pamela in photos together....

Another post was a series about the Nazi Links of the Brotherhood and the Mufti at that period.  The photos and commentary was basically making that implication that Muslims are still Nazis. 

 I gave her and her mobsters a history lesson and pointed out the pan-Arab nationalism and how it is well documented and yes the links to radical Islamism.   I also pointed out the historical facts, such as independence movements often chosing siding with “the enemy of my enemy” and that Bengali-communist inspired independence movements did so with Japan and Catholic Croats did so with Hitler and the Axis movement as well.   History does not lie, I pointed out and quoted Erasum Rotterdamus when he said that History and facts take no sides but man hides them …… . 

Pamela obviously has a problem with history and facts, and needs to hide them.

What deep down psychosis do we make from someone who advertises as this?

One thing that I find odd about Pamela is that she shows an image on her blog, of her dressed as “Superwomen” and thinks it looks cool and is obviously proud of it.   I find it telling about how she is willing to sell herself so cheaply, like her ugliness, and obviously has a desire to be loved and respected.   When has being a vulgar radical ever brought love and respect?


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Trots Nederlands, goed gereist en een begerige politieke centrist met een speciale afkeer voor basissen.

3 Responses to Pamela Geller Hates History, Facts & Opinion

  1. GCarty says:

    The title of Pamela’s blog “Atlas Shrugs” is a reference to the book by ultra-right-wing philospher Ayn Rand.

    Ayn Rand’s Objectivism is second only to anti-human Deep Ecology in my hit-list of ideologies which I long to see wiped from the face of the earth…

  2. +++ This reply sent to this thread is in regards to comments and reply via the Srebrenica Genocide Blog, for more information I recomment others to go to their blog, links are on the name, in the text and I have also put them on my blogroll +++

    @ Donny, thank you for your comment at Srebrenica Genocide Blog. As you may have already heard, three more Serbs had been found guilty and convicted for the 1995 Srebrenica genocide on 10 June 2010, see here.

    As for the link you menioned in your comment, it’s a classic Serbian propaganda. The Kravica Incident occurred on the Orthodox Christmas, 7 January 1993. The incident involved the counter-offensive of the Army of Bosnia-Herzegovina, led by Naser Oric, against the positions of heavily armed Serbs in Kravica who used the village as a military base from which they conveniently attacked Srebrenica and killed thousands of Bosniak civilians – women, children, and the elderly – in the enclave. According to the Research and Documentation Center, whose research of the actual number of Serb victims around Srebrenica has been the most extensive carried out in Bosnia and Herzegovina,

    “The allegations that the attack [on Kravica] resulted in hundreds of [Serb] civilian victims have been shown to be false. Insight into the original documentation of the Army of Republika Srpska (VRS) clearly shows that in fact military victims highly outnumber the civilian ones. The document entitled ‘Warpath of the Bratunac brigade’, puts the military victims at 35 killed and 36 wounded; the number of civilian victims of the attack is eleven.”

    So, as you can see, Serbs are generally lying. I don’t say that all Serbs are liars, but when you have a nation that has historically repeatedly lied and twisted history to fit their version of events, that’s what you get.

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