Are the Dutch people starting to say “what have we done?”

As the processes of forming a government in The Netherlands takes place the wind is already changing for all parties and the people itself.  Perhaps it is even fair to say that everyone is performing damage-control to some degree.

The Tweede Kamer - The "Second Chamber" of the Dutch Parliament

As the PVV of Geert Wilders has the largest voting increase and third-place it is standard practice to include them in discussions about forming a government, and as states correctly “If it becomes clear the VVD and PVV can work together, he will then talk to the Christian Democrats about their support for a right-wing coalition. Such a coalition would have just 76 out of 150 seats in parliament.”    Equally so, the same item also correctly points out that most of the major player of the CDA still are saying that they will not join a Coalition that includes the PVV.

CDA members will be carefully watching events, for sure, because of many factors of which one is sticking to policies.   There is already outcry by many from all sides regarding the dropping of pledges and major platforms for the sake of compromise, to degrees not seen before.   It should not be forgotten that Labour quit the last coalition and caused the election because they in fact stuck by their principles (and this author hopes that his old party the VVD would have that same fortitude).   Wilders made it clear that his platform was clear on retirement ages and has already dropped that, the VVD said publically that there was no need to talk to the PVV on a Coalition because of its exclusion of member of Dutch society and that they had and will not have any Senators, yet here they are talking.

The Tweede Kamer in the past .....

The party’s should take note of the public as well, sadly not realizing their falling for the excellent and effective propoganda excercise by the PVV that allowed them to catch the protest and disgruntled CDA voters, but that an unacceptable coalition may come to play and too much power to an extreme right has been given.   Perhaps a sort of “what the hell have we done” element is coming through. 

According the, the pollster Maurice de Hond (which I consider to be the better and most independent of them) is starting to think that way.

Labour would have been by far the biggest party in last week’s general election of voters knew then what they know now about the results, according to a new poll by Maurice de Hond.

The poll puts Labour on 38 seats, eight more than it won in Wednesday’s vote. The VVD would be down two seats on 29 while Geert Wilders’ anti-Islam PVV would be up for on 28.

Socialist Party, GroenLinks and D66 would have lost seats to Labour, the poll shows.

It also shows 52% of the population oppose a new coalition government made up of the PVV, VVD and Christian Democrats. Just over a third support such an alliance. (acknowledgement to

The 1973 Dutch Cabinet - what will the 2010 photo be like?

VVD Leader Rutte has important decisions to make...

Though I do not vote Labour (or my old VVD) and this time chose D66, I agree with the fears of the people reflected in this poll.   Such a push further-right could result in serious changes that are built on unacceptable compromises.   In another item I stated that there is a comparison here to Austria and that to a degree Wilders sees himself or at the minimum is following the same patterns of former Austrian Right-Wing Nationalist “Freedom Party” leader Jorge Haider.   If Wilders is let into a coalition, even under the promises of pushing back some of his agendas, it sets a number of precedents for him to make a mockery of the Second Chamber which he will turn into a circus, giving him credibility that he does not merit and a platform for him in following elections that will include “we were part of Government”.

I urge the VVD, CDA and others to stick to their words, because in the end, the PVV certainly will.

So close and yet so far - but for most of us, hopefully impossible!

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