Quote: from “Dawg’s Blawg” on Honour-Killing

Neocon Collumnist "Margaret Wente"

The following is a quote from “Dawg’s Blawg“.  I liked what was said.  The quote starts after referring to a well-known case of honor-killing and its court trial.  As per my usual process, I recommend to everyone to read the entire item out of respect to the author, I give full acknowledgement and appreciation and I will attempt to post a message noting the quote to the author.

Reaction from the conservative side of punditry has ranged along an interesting continuum. But there seems to be general agreement that there is something especially nasty about honour killings that deserves special action. What that special action should be is never quite clear, but it’s either hinted at or stated directly: Muslim immigration should be banned.The Immigration Debate We Don’t Want To Have“, asks Extremely Troubling Questions: “What happens when large groups of immigrants cling to values and beliefs that diverge so sharply from the mainstream? And can we still rely on the passage of time to smooth the differences away?”

Margaret Wente isn’t allowed to say that kind of thing in the Globe and Mail, so she contents herself with hinting at it. She coyly entitles her article ”

Wente compares the Muslim population with Italian immigration, noting that Italians imported “…a harsh, patriarchal culture where religion dominated all. But they didn’t marry cousins imported fresh from the old country. And so they began to raise their children differently.”

This breezy, sanitized and condensed summary of immigration leaves out a few points. Most waves of immigration spark hostility from the dominant population, and newcomers usually established their own neighborhoods and social and professional networks for mutual support. Italians, Germans, Chinese, Jews, and my Irish precursors did, in fact, “marry cousins imported fresh from the old country”, or other immigrants from their community. Integration into the dominant culture was a process that most sociologists say required three or more generations.

That seems to be true of the current intake of Middle Eastern and African Muslim immigrants, which began in the 1980s. It’s noteworthy that every “honour killing” I’ve read about in Canada involves a parent from the “Old Country”; when Wente asks whether we can still count on the passage of time to bring about integration, I’d respectfully suggest that we give Somali and Pakistani immigrants the same generational window we allowed other immigrant groups.

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    Thank you for the link and the credit – much appreciated. Best regards, Balbulican.

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