Funding Wilder’s Hate – The Israel Lobby Connection

Reading the opinion section of (Wilders and the US – Israel Lobby), there was an interesting point about how Wilders gets his funding.   For me it explains so much, that his paymasters are behind him trying to get a dangerous Israeli Spy elected to the Dutch Parliament.   Also, the links to ugly hate websites like FrontPage Magazine and blogs like Jihad Watch.   Disturbing and adding to the bigger picture, Wilder’s attendance at the hate-fest Facing Jihad Conference in Jerusalem was sponsored by Arieh Eldad, leader of extreme right Hatikva party, that simply wants all the Arabs (to them there is no Palestinians) out of the West Bank (now we know why Wilders is obliged to say that Palestinians are really Jordanians). 

The item is extremely condemning on many fronts, particularly against Israel and not necessarily supported by me, it is an opinion.  I think it does explain a few things in regards to Wilders’ funding and thus links, influences and obligations.    I always recommend, and in this case insist, that the entire item be read to understand the context of the author. Full acknowledgements of course to the author Giles Scott-Smith of

A crucial detail about Wilders’ party, the PVV, is that it only has two official members: himself, and the Friends of the PVV Foundation which he formed as a finance-gathering apparatus. 

Dutch law states that every party with a membership of 100,000 or more can receive state subsidy. Wilders’ decision to keep his party in his own hands therefore also has severe financial consequences. 

Someone else aside from the Dutch state has to provide the money. Much of it comes from the US, where Wilders travels regularly. According to the Volkskrant, in 2008 Wilders even changed the statutes of the Foundation to ensure that it could be used to accept donations for legal cases – the grounds of which remain unspecified in the document – that he might be faced with. 

The Dutch press has tracked down several of the principal financial sources for the PVV in the US. Two figures stand out: David Horowitz and Daniel Pipes. Horowitz runs the online FrontPage Magazine and the David Horowitz Freedom Center, which with an annual budget of around 5 million dollars is an important financier of outlets such as Jihad Watch and Islam critic Robert Spencer. 

According to the NRC, it was Horowitz who introduced the Dutchman to leading conservative activists Senator Jim DeMint and Dick Cheney´s daughter Liz last year, and brought Wilders into contact with one of his own financiers who is not named. 

Pipes is founder of the pro-Israeli Middle East Forum and has long been in favour of a pre-emptive strike against Iran. Pipes also formed the Legal Project in 2007 to raise and distribute funds for researchers, journalists, and authors who face legal battles based on their critical statements about Islam – ‘jihad by court’, as they say. 

Wilders is of course an ideal recipient. In 2009 Pipes managed to round up “an amount in six figures” for Wilders in the USA. Interesting detail is that both Horowitz and Pipes belong to the Right of the Republicans but see Wilders mainly as a useful extension of their pro-Israeli agitating. 

Theselinks are all the more remarkable because during his time as a member of the VVD (prior to 2004) Wilders followed the line of that party – sympathy for Israel but critical of any moves that would disrupt chances for lasting peace. 

Wilders even spoke out against the West Bank wall and the continuing expansion of settlements. But his designs for the PVV as his vehicle to political power demanded a regular sizeable income, and that meant cozying up to the radical anti-Islamic Right. Again according to the Vrij Nederland, showings of Fitna in the US last year came with a $2500 price tag for those wanting to join GW at the top table. 


Wilders condemned disloyalty, implying Muslims' loyality was elsewhere. We wonder to whom Wilders' real loyalty is to?


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