More ugly Pamela Geller Oshry rhetoric – add racism and bigotry to hypocrisy

The blogger and wannabe famous Pamela Geller in her Atlasshrugs blog has yet again pushed new boundaries of hate, bigotry, racism and hypocrisy.  This time, the targeting of a Bronx Eid prayer that due to numbers in the Mosque spilled over onto the street.  With a series of photos we see the hypocrisy show itself to a new height through the comments made.

She says “we put up with” as a comment on the overspill on the street.  On another she calls it “crazy”, we must wonder what is crazy, that Maddison street is being used for a public event?  Or that they are not Jews or Muslims?  If there was a public prayer service by one of the Churches or Synagogues, would she say the same?  I doubt it.

They took a photo of a senior police inspector, a Muslim, praying as well (but of course she calls it dropping down).   What is very interesting is that she also dares to assume that “He seems awfully damn young to be that high up the ranks.”, would she say that if he was not Muslim, not darker skinned or Jewish?  Again, we doubt that at all.

There is a close-up of shoes, which are taken-off during prayer and neatly put to side as to not get in the way or dirty other’s prayer spaces – she calls it “shoes praying” to demonize and make jokes.  If it was a comment on Jews it would be condemned as pure anti-Semitic, racist and bigoted – bingo Pamela Geller your showing your true ugly repugnant colours.

The hypocrisy comes with her comments about women praying at the back.  Trying to raise the specter of Rosie Parker whom was that famous lady who refused to sit down in the back during American segregation times.   I wonder if the pro-Israel, pro-Jewish self-proclaimed protector has to say about women in synagogues, Prayer services and in ultra-orthodox Jewish society.  Get real Pamela!

Another photo is from the front of the prayers as the men bow down, showing their head-dress – the Kaffiyah – she calls them the “modern-day swastikas” trying to link the headdress of Muslims to Nazism.  I find that most hypocritical – and of course bigoted, considering that Jews also have a near-similar skull-cap and for exactly the same reasons as Muslims do.  Does that mean that Jews are also wearing modern day swastikas?  Wow, I could be called anti-Semite for saying that  but I would blame Pamela Geller for that one too!

What in hell’s name does she think she is?  No wonder she is not taken seriously.  Even CNN’s last item on her so-called Mega-Mosque demonstration cut her own comments from the third showing.  She still does not merit a place in Wiki and that has to be sign. 

Through her ex-husband and business ties, Geller-Oshry has been linked to a serious criminal luxury car-selling scheme.  Though she has denied involvement and the business that she was a partner in is now scrapped, considering her ugly side and the reality that ugly people are often involved in other ugly events, one wonders.


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