Quoting Anushay Hossain’s “What’s up Saudi?”

I came across an item by website editor, feminist, Bengali-born Anushay Hossain that I found compelling to quote in part.  Though I tend to try to look at and discuss the complexities, Anushay tackles the subject head-on (and probably rightly so).   As a woman and a Muslim, she sees the ugly sexism, institutionalised foolishness, and what I liked, was clearly defining the hypocrisy of calling some things religious when it really comes down to the perversion of many Saudi Men taking advantage of the old ways.   The topic is a questionable “fatwa” that was raised by Sheikh Abdul Mohsin al-Abaican who said that there is need for a symbolic bond between un-related men and women whom are in constant contact with each other.  The issue, being drivers of women who need transport, since they are banned themselves from sitting behind the wheel.  The old custom of introducing a male into the family by drinking the breast-milk of the women – being the only symbolic bond possible…..  you can imagine the rest yourself.   As usual, I give full acknowledgement to the author (Hossain) and recommend the entire item be read to avoid loss of context by the author.

While the Saudi authorities pretend as though they are the ones who hold the moral high ground by continuing to go out of their way to keep the sexes segregated and prevent women from driving, the issuing of fatwas such as this just goes to show who the real perverts are: Saudi men.

Saudi men and “scholars” who would rather preserve women’s purity (and other BS) by not allowing them to mix with men, but telling them it is okay to have strangers suckle on your breast so they become related to you?!

As one Saudi woman asks, “Is this is all that is left to us to do: to give our breasts to the foreign drivers?”

The truth of the matter is, Saudi authorities want to keep denying women the right to drive as part of their larger efforts to curb the mobility of women and in effect, their rights. After all, the less you are able to get around the less you are able to do. It’s the hiding behind all the Islamic and religious justification that is the most disgusting part to tolerate.

Kudos to the women of Saudi Arabia for taking this as an opportunity to expose to the world and keep reminding us of the culture of absurdity they are forced to live in. These women should be congratulated for using the issuing of yet another insane fatwa and flipping it into an opportunity to maybe one day, finally winning their right to drive.


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