Wilders – Out of Coalition Talks as a Threat to Democracy

Dutch media has been reporting that Wilders will not be a part of any government coalition, mostly due to the simple fact that Wilders is a threat to democracy and is unwilling to “change his ways”.

According to the Volkskrant, during a parliamentary debate on progress made towards creating a new cabinet after the June 9 general election on Tuesday night, Rutte asked Wilders seven times to join him. Wilders was asked by several party leaders during the debate to answer the point about democracy made by CDA leader Maxime Verhagen but he declined to comment the Financieele Dagblad explained and quoted Verhagen as saying that they will not join the VVD and PVV because of the potential threat to democracy.

Labour leader Job Cohen said during the debate that Wilders’ refusal to talk means the door has now been firmly closed on a right-wing cabinet.


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Trots Nederlands, goed gereist en een begerige politieke centrist met een speciale afkeer voor basissen.

3 Responses to Wilders – Out of Coalition Talks as a Threat to Democracy

  1. eslaporte says:

    It is good to see that there are, indeed, mechanisms to protect Dutch society and nation from the PVV and Geert Wilders. The main political parties probably realize that policies of Wilders and the PVV would take the Netherlands outside of the civilized and legal limits of governance for a European democratic nation based on the rule of law. Other ideas that Wilders’ has for foreign policy would be to lead the Netherlands and Europe against “Islamification” – something that is a fable and is not happening – and a neocon cold war against the Islamic world. I also believe that the most radical and violent Islamophobia comes out of the Netherlands and motivates people like the Tea Patry’s Mark Williams.. This exporting of radical Islamophobia is something that the Dutch and European governments need to curb.

    This Sword of Damocles will hang over the Netherlands and the rest of the Western world until the PVV is put out of business and Wilders fades into obscurity. In other countries, like Hungary, MPs that are members of the openly anti-Semitic and anti-Roma party of Jobbik have been denied security clearances due to “the threat they pose to democracy.” [ http://www.politics.hu/20100628/jobbik-mps-fail-security-tests-removed-from-house-committees ] The problem is that if people vote for these radical “political parties” they can still get into government…

    We see in Germany that there are efforts to get courts to declare the National Democratic Party a threat to constitutional order. This “political party,” apparently, has a legislators, including a neo-Nazi, who carried an anti-Semitic speech in a German state parliament. There are, for obvious historical reasons, laws against “political parties” that threaten the German democratic and constitutional order, but tax laws are being use to stop this “political party.” [ http://www.minnpost.com/globalpost/2010/02/16/15949/despite_banning_nazi_symbols_germanys_constitution_and_legal_tradition_complicate_cases_against_neo-nazishttp://www.ynetnews.com/articles/0,7340,L-3907075,00.html ] With the rise of this new radical right – all means need to be explored to keep such parties out of government!

    I also was outraged by Israel’s actions against the Gaza Freedom Flotilla, but the Jewish faith has nothing to do with it! One can separate the policies of Israel and the Jewish faith …and its an easy thing to do.

    I also see from the link you provided that some posters believe that the CDA the danger – NOPE – not even maybe! The reality is that Maxime Verhagen is a great patriot who came to the defense of his own country!

    • donny2811 says:

      Sorry for the delay, I am jetlagged, temporarily broke and have a flue but extremely happy since I paid for a ticket to see Holland win over Brazil. It was a risk, since it could have been other teams or another result, but – it worked out and how!

      Interesting comments, have you read the comment from Giles Scott-Smith on The Holland Bureau. ? It gives a good account on how the Queen chose only the PvdA “informateur” instead of a second one from the VVD to help form a Coalition, and by doing that ensures there will be no talking to the PVV at all. He goes into some details about how all the posturing from other parties in not being happy with the options was to simply force Wilders out. Wilders considers this a scandal because it refuses to recognize his “votes” – mind you the answer to that is very simple indeed – he represents 15 per cent and in a democracy 85 per cent is a bigger number (but then he is really a fascist and democracy is only a means to an end).

      Your comments about neo-Nazis and Hungary is interesting as I watched a program on France3 the other day about the Czech Neo-Nazis and what they are doing/forcing. In their case, they dominate one of the workers’ unions and it has been banned, broken up and reformed now for the third time in basically the same format with just a few changes in “constitution phrases” to ensure it remains high.

      I agree with you, the CDA is not a danger at all, it is a genuine party and linked with other Christian-Democratic movements in Europe. I have met Verhagen a few times and agree with much what he says and places priorities on, my disagreements with him is mostly economic and social-policy.



  2. eslaporte says:

    What about the prospect that the PVV’s gains are but protest votes from the CDA voters? Fascists love elections in the climate of fear and insecurity, like the economy and globalization.

    It does not really appear to be a “shift to the right” – but a shift in right voters to other parties. Also – communist parties also can be quite a threat to constitutional order – but I’m not sure what their status would be in these countries.

    Oh – nice that you saw the game in person. It came on at 9 in the morning here…

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