Summer-Time, Posts and Off-Topic

Hi all.

I have been a bit irregular in my  postings and simply put it is a combination of last-minute work requirements, my desire to watch football and trying to get some form of Summer Vacation, even if broken into segments.

Travelling to see clients and check-up visits to our offices overseas (I have now an office in both Casablanca and Istanbul) is fun for about the first two days in each location and then simply I miss my wife and kids.  Interestingly, coming back to Rotterdam does not make for a rest though.  My staff are great and everything is ready, but the trips overseas generates report writing, follow-up emails and calls and the endless discussion with the providers.  Defence procurement is an exiting business but in the end, it is just sales and after-sales service.

As someone who has grown-up with football (I have family directly in the playing and coaching sides of first grade Dutch football) you would imagine that the World Cup is dominating my time and mind.  That has not transpired, not for a lack of trying.   I missed the first week due to travel, watched bits and pieces of the second, got the third, missed the knock-out but did get through friends a ticket for the quarter finals which, if Holland did well enough, should be in it.   They did, I got to jump on a flight, watch a match, stay with a friend who lives there for the night and was on the next flight back.   It was great, the vuvuzelas gave me a migraine for two days, I was tired but in the end I can say I was there and did it and watched my country progress.   They have progressed even further and I hope into the history books at last.

One thing that I have discovered over the almost 30 years of work is the need for a good planned vacation.  I used to be a “Greece Person” going to Corfu, more recently to Croatia and Macedonia – which I recommend to anyone who can.    I do not go to North Africa, Turkey or The Lebanon because I go there often and at least once a year I can afford on an extra-long weekend to bring the Family – so they know it.       Two years ago I changed everything, and through some friends – actually business contacts – I purchased an on-site Caravan near Malmo in Sweden.   Why would I do that with all the exciting places I can go to?  That is easy actually and probably you have all worked it out, Scandinavia is a beautiful place and during Summer is something that “wakes-up” after a long cold winter.  That I do get to go to the Mediterranean often means that it will never be that special, and I prefer to go to places that are quiet and not full of tourists like Greece is.  My last two times to the Croatian coast and Macedonia was wonderful but the tourists are heading that way to, so why not go a bit simple and go with the caravan, forests, lakes and yes, even beach – well stony but still beach.     I am now there,  my tired, slow but still functioning mobile internet card from Casablanca is serving me and that is all I care about.    I write this in front of my bbq, siting on a deck chair, my kids are getting hungry and tomorrow or the next day maybe we will drive to Helsinki Finland for a day after a day on a cruise-ship.  The problem with that plan is how and in which location do I want to celebrate Holland’s World Cup victory?

Donny vdH


About donny2811
Trots Nederlands, goed gereist en een begerige politieke centrist met een speciale afkeer voor basissen.

2 Responses to Summer-Time, Posts and Off-Topic

  1. eslaporte says:

    Did you happen to see the canal parade for Orange in Amsterdam yesterday? Grand! It was probably the greatest victory celebration for a runner-up team, but who cares if they won or lost!

    • donny2811 says:

      I watched it on Televisi, on as I am still up here in Sweden dodging giant mosquitos (really they are huge!). Yep, I was happy about the reception, even if a couple of the players themselves deserve a swift-kick rather than a celebration. But as a team, we have always been a patriotic bunch and support the effort as much as the result.


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